Waiting to fall in love

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I want my nonfat, triple grande pumpkin spice latte— and I want it now. But then perspective quickly washes over me and I realize how completely ridiculous these thoughts really are. Something within me begins to chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all, and my fear and doubt are instantly shattered. I will no longer search for you at the clubs, on the streets or at the mall. You are so one of a kind that [Life] will bring you to me when the time is right, whenever [She] so desires.

Something within me instantly relaxes, and in this moment I know that this is true. We can learn to relax into the perfect mystery of it all. Take a deep breath, my friend. Have faith.

Waiting to fall in love

Your person will come when the time is right— no questions about it. You are OK. Everything is in perfect order. When you begin having faith that your person will show up at the perfect time, something funny happens:. You begin living from your own true center instead of seeking some center that lies outside of you.

Sure, you might still miss the companionship or the other things that come along with being part of a couple. But even so, you are overwhelmingly content to be right hereloneliness and all. Are you in there?? Why should a single person be wholly responsible for the happiness of another? Within those somewhat lonely nights full of painful growth, we are being made whole. You always lose by holding back. It is true the love of our lives in not meant to be the end and forever happiness. I always think about love as something like caring for a garden. There is no rush to find it either.

Love comes when it must and you need it the most. So you will value it as a treasure. Every relationship at one point has a leader and a follower. If this does not occur then the relationship will not […]. I absolutely love this post, and your entire blog! Relationships should be about complementing, not completing one another.

Thank you Erin! And yeah, I hate it when people tell me it will happen at the right time. Mostly because I know they are right! Therese You are actually a very cool person; you seek to help other people and you see the value in being an individual. That is coolness personified…. Therese, that is such a wonderful post you wrote. I think the waiting process is the spiritual growing process also :. Emotions are complicated. I definately can agree, and reading this does help me to be more relaxed. But oh well. I just got my heart broke. Dumped by a girl for another guy and they are in love. We were only together for a short time but I really thought she was the one.

I promise! I think it is almost funny that we are so alike… I wonder why it is so difficult to find what we are looking for when we are all looking for the same things?!? We all feel the same fears, the same loneliness. We all want the same thing but none of us seem to find it… We must all be blinded by our own vanity and personal perspective. We get in our own way!!

The more selective you are…which is NOT a matter of choice, the lower the chances. If you have a LOT to offer such a mate, and they come along, then if the timing is right, it will be commensurately easier. If you have relatively less to offer, it will be commensurately harder.

Or you may not find them. Or you might find them, and THEY may lack the ability to truly love, to have empathy. You could be very fortunate, or unfortunate. If your standards are quite broad, it will be easy…there are about 7 billion people on the planet.

People HATE to face the idea that there is chance…a lot of it, involved in finding the right mate at the right time. Later, they may have greater capacity, but the field narrows, as people accumulate kids, age, baggage, etc. It takes great resolve at times. Wishful thinking, which may carry you through life, but actually produces nothing. You go about, and find what you find. It simply is. Face that and get with reality. It can be scary, but at least your eyes will be open.

And this comes from a romantic who values love as one of the two or three highest prizes in life. Drop the nonsense, shun the Dr Phils and the Oprahs and the holy books and the preachers and the palm readers. They are full of crap. Seek, try, live. All the talk the charlatans spout is just a soporific to calm you in your time of need, and their source of power and income.

Waiting to fall in love

Yes indeed! The field does narrow because the eyes should be wide open. Nobody is coming to save you. You are wonderful for taking the time to post this. Just wonderful!! They may be truly lovable and really what you want and NEED in a partner in some ways, yet still hard-wired to be too narcissistic to really be there for and with you. Just because they cry and need love, just because they express passion, does not mean they truly feel empathy.

They may WANT to, or act as if they do. But they are lifetime abandoners, users, cheats. Or they get one pronto, and try to erase their lover…and go through this without end, even if some relationships last years. They have emotions and beliefs that change by the moment, and try as they might, cannot find the simple security and faith that comes naturally to most people. They can ruin your life for a long time if you commit to them. Though often complex and genuinely attractive in many ways, though sometimes highly intelligent and sophisticated, they are maladjusted two year olds in their hearts.

Even age, while it may ,mellow their crazy acting out, does not bestow upon them the capacity to really have faith and love and empathy. If you fall in love with one, look at their history of broken relationships, they way they write out their exes, the way they found you while still in some way tied up with an ex, or even juggling several others.

I know.

Waiting to fall in love

BPDs are the people therapists most fear and loathe. This is because they are essentially untreatable, and wreck even the therapist. What they do to lovers, children and spouses is close to murder. They are unfortunate, but they are perpetrators none the less. A sociopath is easier to leave; they have no real emotion. A BPD has a very complex web of defenses and intense emotions, including passion…but if you keep your eyes open and add up their history, and their treatment of you, you can spot them. We must be twins or something! I could have written this verbatim.

Bless you! People need to know the truth. Sociopaths are predators and they are out there, and if a person is so hungry for love … they will find the illusion 99 times out of The sociopath is always looking for a victim. Well Aware! Omg i am sitting here in tears. You just described someone who i dated for 3.

During a conversation he can change his mind so easily. My heart has broken for almost a year after he left me. Not anymore……. You really did describe him. Borderline Personality Disorder is a recognised psychiatric condition. Are you saying people with BPD are not deserving of finding someone to love? What about people with other mental health problems such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder? Everyone has some sort of issues, some more serious than others, but to write people off due to mental health problems is just plain discrimination. Everyone deserves love.

Waiting to fall in love

I think everyone is deserving of love.

Waiting to fall in love

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