Van Horn single women

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Most of the time you just watch in awe as they effortlessly cavort from character to character onstage. But to wrap up the 45th Season at TAM, we asked the trio to share some of the highlights of their time treading the boards in Cumston Hall.

I thought Dawn did a really good job. I really think everybody was focused on one goal this year. This company came ready to work. Also that Mark, Janis, and I got to play supporting roles to younger company members which is really a fantastic shift. Bill: And getting to direct. Janis directed my second year here. That was a great show that I remember. And in that same year I directed Henry Vand I really loved directing that show.

And playing Shylock and playing King Lear of course. Mark S. Mark: Oh God, no one would even let me audition for that, let alone play it. But beyond the Shakespeare, some of the lesser known plays. Or the Stage Manager in Our Town.

Van Horn single women

Bill: No other theater affords you that rich a selection of roles you can play over a ten year period of time. Bill: I think Maine offers a lifestyle that not many places in America offer anymore where everybody waves to one another and neighborliness is one and community.

Also that no matter if our audiences are blue collar workers or professors, they all come with this keen knowledge of having read these stories. People in Maine read. Cause the power goes out a lot. Bill: You need to have a lot of books and candles around.

Bill: And more challenging than any talkbacks anywhere else. The audience that we attract is one of the great pleasures of working here. And a lot of the audience have had their tickets at this theatre that have been handed down in the family over the years. Mark: And there are board members who have been on this board since the theatre was founded inlike the Heckmans. The support is just incredible. I come here and I have one focus and that is just to honor this theatre. Everyone was focused on one thing. There are other years that have been like this, but this year particularly everybody was working as a well-oiled machine.

Van Horn single women

Mark: Even today an actor tripped over the ropes on the ring and brought it down before the wrestling in As You Like It. There have been bats flying overhead in the hall over the years. It was tremendous. Thank God Cartier was there to pick up the verse and carry on. Bill: We all have moments like that where the lines leave you.

It happened to me in The Tempest one night. The mishaps and mess-ups are just as rich as the good moments.

Van Horn single women

Janis: I look back fondly on that production where I wore a set of drapes for a costume at one point in that show. Bill: And in Henry Vwhen we did that we had a young actor named Sarah Hoyer who had just graduated, and she was certified in quarter staff. So, everyone fought with quarter staff. So much of this business is spent on the nuts and bolts, on the money and how much you make and are you going to be able to make your rent, because it is a very precipitous business.

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Van Horn single women

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Van Horn single women

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