Treasures las vegas dancers

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The 7s, 8s and 9s here give the most physical contact in town. But the dancers here give more than high mileage. The club is good at treating customers like guests at a party. The club features an Italian villa look, with a winding staircase and balconies and drapes and chandeliers and plenty of fine art on the walls nudes — perfect for setting off the beautiful women that inhabit the place.

Lighting in the club is the darkest in town, both on the main floor and in the VIP. Treasures is a great club for couples too, especially when the woman would like to 1. So this club is best at peak hours from pm on. Treasures is the only strip club in Vegas with a gourmet steakhouse where customers can dine in style, take clients, or invite charming dancers from the club to dine with them for a high-end girlfriend experience. The menu competes with any traditional steakhouse in town for both selection and quality.

Treasures also offers a dinner package at the club website that includes a 4-course filet and lobster dinner with free round-trip limo to the club, free admission, a line pass, a reserved VIP table, and a drink discount. The Treasures steakhouse is open till 5 am on Friday and Saturday night; till 3 am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night; and till 1 am on Sunday and Monday night. The VIP rooms at Treasures are on the second floor, up that beautiful winding staircase.

One thing to keep in mind at Treasures is that the club adheres strictly to the policy that dancers are independent contractors who can name their own prices. Dance prices can vary widely depending on the dancer. For the minute dance, the bar tab will be three drinks. Thirty-minute and minute dances will cost you more be sure to ask in advance what the bar tab will be. Management at this club is good about working with regular customers.

The upstairs VIP area has multiple private rooms depending on your mood and budget. There are seven one-on-one private rooms with tinted glass doors you can close to be alone with a dancer. Although these doors are not opaque, these rooms are in a non-trafficked area. The rooms for and minute dances have larger and comfier sofas you can sink into with a girl.

Dancers will court you and flirt with you all night at Treasures. You can even start by inviting a girl to dinner in the steakhouse. This is also a great club for a bachelor party. Following dinner, go into the club to play with the lap dancers until you all pick girls and head upstairs to the VIP room reserved for your group.

Treasures las vegas dancers

Other packages for bottle service, groups and couples are available on the Treasures website. All packages include a drink discount, a reserved VIP table, free admission a line pass, and free round-trip transportation. Treasures is one of only two strip clubs in Las Vegas that includes the return trip to your hotel in their free limo service.

If you arrive via cab or Uber, Lyft, casino house limo, etc. Just tell them you will be arriving in your own vehicle. If you just show up at the door without calling ahead, you may not get free entry. Then, from 7 to 8 pm, all drinks are sold at half-price. I really liked Treasures. The restaurant is the real deal, I had the best pork chop ever!

My wife and I were treated very well there by the attractive dancers and efficient staff. My buddy told me that the dancers let him play with their nipples during a lapdance not in VIP area. Is this true? Not so in Las Vegas, though some clubs may have their own policies regarding physical contact. Genital contact is disallowed, but breasts are not off limits in many clubs, either out on the main floor or in the VIP rooms. Some do.

Arnold, what strip clubs do you most recommend of all to work at out of all of them? Reagan Reilly use to work a lot at Platinum Club. A-list dancers who work in these clubs will tell you they prefer the easygoing atmosphere, less hustle, less competition, etc.

Treasures las vegas dancers

Other dancers would never work at any club but a mega-club where they like the higher energy and feel they can make more money. In any case, I think you have to just get in wherever you can and feel your way to your comfort zone. Talk to other dancers, waitresses, bartenders, etc. Many have worked in more than one club. Play gently!

Treasures las vegas dancers

Then move to the butt, the waist, her legs, back to her boobs. This club offers a steak house dinner and you can have a dancer eat with you like a dinner date? How does that work? You go to the club get on the main floor and see if one of the ladies will dine with you?

Are there any other clubs like this? Sounds like interesting experience. A friend compared this place to the Playboy mansion, and he claims to have been. Any truth to that? Looks like my posse is making me go there… Not my choice. She, wanted me to up through some private connection. Can you confirm she actually works there? I declined and she forwarded it to the club. She did give me the that is still in my phone from last year.

The whole thing leaves me feeling a bit weird. Then having someone contact me via text about setting a reservation? I check the website often and it seems to be updated frequently. For example, they just added Super Sunday packages for this year. My girlfriend was working here. Didnt care. It was the blowing dudes and drugs that made me leave her ass.

It did not used to be. So what has changed? I have not been there yet. I used to only go to Rhino, but I switched to Sapphire when I discovered your website, and your website has not let me down yet.

Treasures las vegas dancers

The upstairs area and private rooms upstairs are especially comfortable—not the ones with the glass doors so much as the ones with the plush sofas. Arnoldbased on a trip for me there earlier this year, would have to disagree. Very poor selection of girls at Treasures. Steakhouse was decent…. Arnold…will trust your knowledge and give them another try…but dissapointed on my last trip. Sounds like sort of place my lady and I could have a GFE type experience.

Dancers are independent contractors and they quote their own prices for companionship. But you can arrange the dinner beforehand but leave the time open so you can talk with dancers at your leisure. Arnold, So the dinner GFE with one of the dancers at the steakhouse does sound intriguing. So how does it compare to Sapphire. I am assuming it has the same high mileage as Sapphire ie what the dancer will allow within the rules.

I still have not experienced the Sapphire Skybox, so I am debating between to two on the next trip. Chris, if you get a VIP dance at Treasures, just make sure it will take place upstairs. The dances are very high mileage, like Sapphire. Sapphire will usually have a larger selection of dancers but the selection at Treasures is good. A Sapphire Skybox is the ultimate in a luxurious private room with a door you can close behind you.

Legal but still a good time. You might want to collect a bunch on this trip for your next trip. But you might even try the same night.

Treasures las vegas dancers

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