The story of molly x

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Hello to all of the classic people that are returning. I am glad you are back. I want to welcome any new visitors. As a technical note, references and citations are listed for each show on the site at classicmovierev. I picked this Film Noir to watch based solely on the title.

The fact that it had Charles McGraw in it was a nice bonus. The author Alan K. Rode was terrific when I interviewed him. On iMDB. It has no ratings on rottentomatoes. This is the first time I have run into a movie that is not rated on rottentomatoes. Charles McGraw had a relatively small role as Police Capt. When he is on the screen, he chews nails. June Havoc played the lady gangster Molly X. She was born in in Canada. Her famous stage mother pushed her into vaudeville by age 2.

To escape her mother and life in vaudeville, June ran away and got married at When the Great Depression hit, work in vaudeville collapse as did the youthful marriage. During the s, she kept her daughter feed by modeling and dancing in marathons. She also worked in stock musicals and in the Borscht Belt. June debuted on Broadway in Byher stage career took off.

The story of molly x

Her next round of movies began in June was relegated to B-movies and continued to work on stage. She worked extensively on television, beginning in the s. Following the death of her mother, June, and her sister Gypsy decided they could write their memoirs. Upset over the portrayal of June, the two sisters did not talk for years. Following the film Three for Jamie DawnJune worked almost exclusively on stage and television. She also wrote and directed.

The story of molly x

Her last television credit was in June died in John Russell played hardened guy robber Cash Brady. Russell was born in in California. He attended the University of California. Marine Corps.

The story of molly x

He was ased as an intelligence officer on to Guadalcanal. Although there are conflicting reports, the preponderance indicates that he left the military as a result of Malaria and was not wounded, as reported on iMDB. Russell began getting uncredited film roles in Russell died in Dorothy Hart played the jealous and vengeful Anne. Hart was born in Ohio in Hart earned a B. The natural beauty was also voted Homecoming Queen. Hart worked as a model and appeared on many popular magazine covers.

She won the competition and was offered a movie contract. Several years later, Hart was ed by Columbia for Gunfighter Universal then ed Hart.

The story of molly x

However, the company did not know how to use the beauty and ased her to costume dramas, Tarzan movies, westerns, and prison sagas. Hart left films in and worked on television. She died in Our part of the story begins as the Top of the Mark as Molly surveys the wealth of San Francisco and wants it all for herself. She says she is using fake names and then gives a sailor the heave-ho. Rod is already flirting with Molly.

Anne implies that Molly might know who killed her husband. After some more cracks, Rod threatens to kill Anne if she keeps talking. Molly says they are there for business and make Anne leave the table. Molly tells them that she is setting up a gang of her own and will be doing some robberies. Molly is acting as a rich widow, and the gang begins robbing professionals transporting goods or money. The first robbery is a crash and grab.

The gang is happy with the take, and Rod is sucking up bad. Anne shows up at the hideout even though she had been set back to Kansas City two weeks earlier. Getting catty with Molly, Anne thinks Molly is trying to take Rod away from her. Anne slaps Molly, and Molly says her business with Rod is strictly professional.

She warns Anne to stay out of her way. World War II ends, and people are partying in the streets. She waits until both stores close before she comes out. The male members of the gang drive up, and Molly opens the street elevator for them. They break through the wall and reach the safe in the jewelry store.

Molly is wearing heels. Cash begins cutting through the safe door but hits a tripwire. The alarm goes off, and all of the men are sprayed with gas. They all start running away, but Molly makes Rod go back to save Cash. The police are near, and they drop the unconscious Cash on the sidewalk. Molly, Rod, and another man make a getaway.

One police officer stays with Cash, and the other gives chase in his car. Rod is in his apartment when Molly shows up.

The story of molly x

Molly says someone turned her name over to the police, and they are looking for her. She believes the rat is Anne. Rod picks this time to make a play for Molly.

The story of molly x

He says he will help her escape, but only if she becomes his girlfriend. Rod kisses Molly. She pulls a. As Molly he down the stairs, she meets Cash coming up. He had pretended to be knocked out, and when he got his chance, he escaped from the cop. Molly tells Cash that she has killed Rod for killing her husband. Cash has a place in town where he and Molly can hide out from the police. It looks like the top of the phonebooth has never been cleaned. When they get to the boarding room, the police come to the door and fire escape.

The detective at the door is Police Capt. Breen Charles McGrawso no one is getting away. Molly and Cash are arrested for robbery. Police Capt. Breen wants to know where Rod is, and he offers Molly a minimum sentence. She plays dumb. At trial, the minor gang members testify against Molly, saying she was the ringleader. It is referenced in quite a few other Film Noir s as well. Breen has come up with dead ends as well.

Breen explains rifling marks and shows her the bullet that killed her boyfriend, Rod. She is wearing furs and jewelry. It looks like a sizeable European estate. The warden, the guards, and most of the convicts are friendly. Tehachapi, at the time, was a modern prison that seeks to reform the prisoners. Molly is a hard case and is resistant to everyone. They have ever character at the prison; a repeat offender, a first-time regret-filled husband killer, a woman that sneaks food for her pet cat, and a lady waiting to be executed or have her sentence commuted.

There was no scrounger in this one. The warden says everyone is given an indeterminate sentence. After six months, they go before a board that determines how long their sentence will be. The film added a new term to my Film Noir lexicon: a short story writer for a forger. After quarantine, Molly is ased a job in the sewing factory. Molly gets at a tough but friendly cellmate. She refuses to work and stays locked in her room. The only privilege Molly has is community meals. The hidden gun and the murder or Rod weigh heavily on Molly as she stays locked in isolation.

The professional staff worries about Molly and her problem. Just like Johnny Ringo, Molly is mad about being born. Molly is fixated on the condemned woman. She finds out the execution is to go forward. On the day of the execution, all of the women are tense. Molly finally breaks down. She asks for a job and says she will take anything.

The story of molly x

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