Spokane craigslist cars

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Cars are stock with some restoration and speed mods. All were driven to present site, but will need trailered. Some have rust issues, some don't No parts will be sold Must be removed within 30 days of sale. I have titles for cars and can help you air up the tires to load.

Buy one or package deal possible. Located in Spokane, WA. Call Dave show contact info. I just IM'd a friend in Spokane and he said that the seller is being inundated by interested buyers from all over the country. It sounds like a bidding war for the lot. If I were the seller, I would do the same thing if I was inundated with phone calls. Don't worry abut selling each car individually, sell all 6 of the Zs to highest bidder or even sell all 14 Zs to the same bidder! UPDATE: I spoke with the owner Dave and he told me that just minutes after he posted his listing on Craigslist that he had numerous phone calls for days that were not only located in all parts of the US, but also from Europe.

He insisted that the six Zs be sold as a package and he had multiple parities bidding on the Zs. A gentleman from California was the winning bidder and he flew to Spokane to meet the seller, inspect the cars and see that all 6 cars were loaded on the carrier company's truck. The seller also mentioned that the new owner already owns a few Zs and is very passionate about Zs and plans to restore an keep all six of the cars. The seller also told me that the two Zs and the all Zs and ZXs were all still available. I am saddened that my beloved hobby has gotten this way.

When I fell in love with the S30 40 years ago, a huge part of the allure was that they were affordable. I could buy rusty S30's as parts cars and make a pretty nice car for very little money. The floors and rails were in very good shape and it just had some rust in the battery tray area and at the bottom of the rear quarters from mouse droppings that had accumulated over the many years it was stored. Within just a few years, I could no longer afford replace that car should it be wrecked on track. A similar condition body today would be nearly 10 times what I paid for my Every time I go on the track I risk writing off my car.

If and when that happens, it won't get replaced and I will likely never race another Z. I for one don't like that prices have gone through the roof. I'm happy for those of you that have beautiful Z cars that are increasing in value by the day. Guy's collection, for example, is rightfully worth a ton of money.

Spokane craigslist cars

It's the low end car value increase that I dislike. As values kept going up over the last few years, I ended up selling it as a "Project Car" a few months ago for about 4 times the amount I originally paid for the car. I too feel saddened that these cars are becoming unreachable for the average person.

Seeing 1 and 2 cars go into six figures means they aren't a car that will be driven and enjoyed by average guys. The days of driving one to work or school as daily driver are long gone, and my fear of something happening to mine when I go out or on a roadtrip is stressful as I am unlikely to be able to easily replace it. Jeff, I recall seeing your car and talking to you at Gingerman shortly after you built it.

I still run track days in a Miata and have been looking for a Z to run. Sadly, I also see that dream slipping away as the cars become more collectible. About a year ago, I went to an estate sale and saw a Z for sale that was in somewhat rough shape.

Spokane craigslist cars

I considered buying it to turn into my track car, but couldn't bring myself to do that to a car that could be restored and enjoyed by someone else. It seems like finding the right one for the right price may never happen. The only good thing I guess is that for some reason, track cars aren't bringing any money. I've seen many older-built ITS Z's sell for very little money. The same condition Z without a cage tends to bring far more money even though the race Z is likely more solid, better running and better cared for than the typical project car. That's why turning a decent project car into a race car is a losing proposition.

If I ever need another race Z, the best option by far is to buy one that was built as a race car years ago and has been collecting dust. That is true. Lower end Spec Miata race cars can be bought cheaper than what I built my track miata car for. It looked promising. Other than that, the few cars I have seen were either not well built or priced higher than I could justify for a track car. Not to say they aren't out there, I haven't looked that hard as I have too many cars and hobbies demanding my time. I am also looking forward to seeing your car on the track again.

One just popped today on FB. I think that car belongs to a guy I used to work with many years ago. He was a racer and lived in the Rockford area. It's Don Bunt's car. He might have been a member here at some point in the past. I know the name, though I don't know him.

Spokane craigslist cars

Yes it is. I knew Don back in the day when he was featured in a magazine article following his racing career.

Spokane craigslist cars

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Captain Obvious 2, Posted June 9, Me neither!! Hope those find good homes. They are an hour from me! We have a strange amount of datsuns in my area. Av8ferg Posted June 9, I wish I had a work trip headed that way! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Jeff G 78 Posted June 9, Posted June 14, Jeff G 78 Posted June 15, Posted June 15, Posted June 26, Jeff G 78 Posted June 26, Jeff, That is true. Posted June 26, edited. Which FB group? I may have a powertrain that could be used in it.

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Spokane craigslist cars

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Spokane craigslist cars

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