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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. When the Ontario government introduced its new sex-ed curriculum inGlen Canning was living several provinces over in Nova Scotia, but decided to take a look anyway. He wound up reading the entire curriculum — all s — and when he finished, his thoughts immediately went to his daughter, Rehtaeh Parsons, who died from suicide two years earlier. Because if there was — and if consent and empathy and respect were being taught in schools in Nova Scotia — I honestly believe that I would still have my daughter with me today.

Rehtaeh was 17 years old when she killed herself. Her parents say she told them she was sexually assaulted by four teens at a party inand she became suicidal after a photo from that night — depicting a boy penetrating Rehtaeh while giving a thumbs-up — was circulated around town, leading to months of bullying and harassment.

While no sexual assault charges were ultimately laid, two boys were convicted of child pornography charges.

Sexy Canning, Nova Scotia girl

In one tweet, he shared a note that he says was written by one of the boys alleged to have assaulted his daughter that was posted to Facebook around the time of her death. The boy described his version of what happened between him and Rehtaeh, who was so drunk she was vomiting out a window. Canning is now working with a campaign to fight for the sex-ed curriculum, which he hopes to see back in every classroom across the province.

You say Rehtaeh would still be alive today if her school had taught a sex-ed curriculum like the one that was just repealed in Ontario. Why do you think that? Because the curriculum talks about mental health, it talks about suicide and it talks about consent. If they had, they may not have been so willing to torment her. If there were courses at school about sexting and sharing an image like that of her — people would have said this is child porn, this is against the law. What kind of sex education was available to Rehtaeh and her classmates when they were going to school in Nova Scotia?

Nothing whatsoever. What do you like about the sex-ed curriculum that the Kathleen Wynne government introduced in ? The second part I liked was about consent. But the real appeal to me was talking to children in grades 1, 2 and 3, and teaching them about respect, boundaries of other people, and asking to touch someone.

Finding out what consent really means. You hold this up as an example of why consent should be taught in schools. Tell me about that.

Sexy Canning, Nova Scotia girl

That was the week Rehteah died. And if they had known the issues around consent, perhaps they may not have done that. I read his letter and I thought right there: This is how out of touch kids are in school, that they could do something like that and actually believe it was consensual.

What do you think when you hear some of the concerns being raised by parents who oppose the sex-ed curriculum? And if you taught them nothing, then man you have no idea where your child is learning this stuff from. Why do we have that? What would you say to premier Ford if you could get him in a room today? And he needs to remember that. This is about keeping children safe, and every child safe. Copyright owned or d by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved.

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Sexy Canning, Nova Scotia girl Sexy Canning, Nova Scotia girl

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