Service oriented sub who loves to please

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The responses below were comments made by fetchat followers. The answers are posted as they appeared in the chat. Mainly I think serving someone in order to fulfill their needs to serve whether that be sexual or non-sexual. Specifically High Protocol. I think about disappearing into service and letting all ego go.

I think of it as a submissive thing. Deriving extreme pleasure for servicing the needs of their dominant. I think of selfless devotion. I think it also encompasses being present and caring for someone in their time of need. Thank you for mentioning the act of being present — that is such an important facet of any power exchange, but it feels like that is the central tenant around which service-oriented practice revolves. For me, yes. I may be wrong, though. Not at all. A caring Dom lives in service to their subs.

Making sure they feel safe and are having fun.

Service oriented sub who loves to please

I never really considered a Dom being service-oriented. But I can see how service would take the form of nurturing and healing in kink. Service could be giving the best scene possible to the submissive. Good question. While the focus of a service-oriented kink is the other partner or partners in cases of both D and s service-oriented folks. I think the flavor of service differs. In my exp. I have no idea if that makes sense. There is a shift of perspective of needs though but none of which really affects my views on any role.

I tend to think of service oriented Dominants as those who desire service, often anticipatory service from their subs. Grooming assistance, Clothing preparation, Cooking, Cleaning. And the s type could do those same things if the D type is overburdened or not good at some of them. I think more traditionally, though, the s type focuses more on freeing the d type from more menial tasks, bootblacking, laundry, cleaning, etc. As a s-type, I wanna do whatever will make their day easier. Let me get your clothes ready, prep the coffee pot, make sure you have what you need for lunch.

I wanna be a safe place when needed. I think service, as a concept, manifests itself in BDSM practicioners going above and beyond societal norms in service to their dynamic and each other. As a kink, service simply involves doing or accepting the acts that make one or both of you feel good.

Service oriented sub who loves to please

I derive a really lovely high from it. A lot of my s-type submission has been in helping my spouse with their health issues—we have some routines in caring for their lymphedema that specifically include my service. I realize this does not specifically apply to very many people lmao. On one end of the spectrum you have call and obey dirty talk, on the other you could build sets and create complete service roles to be followed during scene play.

It may not look different at all. Submissive cleaning needs and toys after play. Making sure the playspace is tidy before and after. Dominant providing aftercare. Many possibilities. Making sex more effortless. For non-kink, maybe preferences of the receiver. Mental safety is a prime concern here.

Service oriented sub who loves to please

People confuse service acts with general servitude. And to know someone wants to do that for you.

Service oriented sub who loves to please

Service is not just for subs, but for all carers of other humans. Anything else looks like abuse at worst and toxic inequity at best. Communication is important on both ends. There is a difference between choosing to disappear behind a role and feeling invisible. Talk — always. I think safety concerns should include talking about tasks from a physical and emotional perspective, before, during, and after a scene.

And be incredibly physically taxing depending on what is being done. I have to be on guard for mental stuff. I think you should really be aware of boundaries and mental health both as a sub and a Dom. Both require checking in with your partner to make sure your needs. If your partner is unwilling to have those conversations, that is a red flag. Maybe agree or set mutual titles and have some ritual for starting a scene to help both get into the hepace.

And maybe re affirm that one is doing this as one or more services for the other and than that should be acknowledged and appreciated. Discuss specifically what they both want to see as a result. Align expectations first.

Service oriented sub who loves to please

Talk openly about what you want. I would think like any type of kink that the key is communication and being willing to be vulnerable and honest about your desires. Content: Discussion of service orientation and service kink. Like this: Like Loading Post Beyond fetchat, Masochism.

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Service oriented sub who loves to please

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