Seattle car classifieds

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up access your saved searches anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Already have a profile? in. This award is chosen by DealerRater. Find out more. I love this car so much! As a traveling doctor, this vehicle has safely climb passes cover in snow and ice, held steady on black ice, muscled through torrential downpour rain and never faultered.

Between the traction control, quick response, no accidents. And when its dry road, it handles like a sports car. All the while I am surrounded with an amazing audio system.

Seattle car classifieds

Matt was my salesperson and he was extremely communicative and helpful when trying to find me the model and trim that I wanted. He is fast to respond and was able to answer all of my questions very clearly. Josh worked with me on the financing, and he very kindly and quickly chased down a bunch of questions for me after the fact and stepped in to ensure that things moved as quickly as possible. Great SUV, every option including color looking for. Drives and rides great. First SUV after always driving sedans and coupes. Made the right choice.

Plenty of room for 7 and stuff. They made buying a car painless. I wanted to hug the sales person, Fred and the finance person, Brandon when we were done. Yes, I just bought a used car and wanted to hug them!? They took very good care of me, both were very kind, considerate and professional.

Cockpit layout is fantastic and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Enjoy the ventilated front seats which has kept me cool during the heat of this past summer. Smooth handling and acceleration. Audi S5 Cabriolet Supercharged. We have purchased many vehicles during our lifetime and our buying experience with Pierre Chevrolet topped them all. Our salesman Theo and everyone else we dealt with was professional and friendly.

At no point during the sales process did we ever feel pressured!!!

Seattle car classifieds

This vehicle is remarkable, this is my third Mercedes and I enjoy the ride. There is a lot of leg room and the comfortably on the road is outstanding. Professional and complete description of the service performed and future steps to take. The car was a 2 year old used car, but was meticulously cared for and lightly driven.

Interior was in exceptional condition and it featured the options and color combo I desired. Jason Lonsdale came out and we discussed different options. After looking around the lot, we found the right SUV with low mileage. They provided a fair value for our trade in and the whole process went very smooth. At times I wasn't sure we would agree to move forward but we found a way. They also offered very good options on financing! Next time you are out looking, go see Jason because he probably can find your next car without making the process a pain.

Thanks Jason! We will be back in a few years for my next car. So far it is fantastic. I am still learning the features of this vehicle. I will give an update on the performance at a later time. We just started looking for used SUV options and out of everyone we have dealt with, Conor Meagher has answered all of our questions and has been great to work with. Driving my Giulia QV puts a smile on my face every single time I get behind the wheel.

Seattle car classifieds

Beautiful lines, beastly exhaust when in Race mode and she handles better than all of my M3s. I can't believe she is a sedan. Recently bought my wife a Stelvio and she loves it! Comfort and performance! This is the fourth car we've purchased from Josiah and Kirkland Alfa Romeo. Always honest and fair.

Seattle car classifieds

Never any pressure. He works to help us find the ideal car and then no BS during the negotiation. I will have to say I was impressed, yet not overwhelmed. The Model 3 was very high tech. But not in a sense of Futuristic. But in a sense of Non-conventional convenience. Example; Everything is through the touch display. You cannot see anything like vents or switches, except for the turn als and directional RPND selector. Yet this provides the car with very sleek appearance free from distractions.

The display was very nice, very responsive and easy to navigate. It does however attract finger prints. I will say with the brightness all the way up the finger prints are less noticeable. I also thought before driving the Model 3, looking at the display while driving would be pull my attention from the road, but that was not the case.

I actually enjoy where the display is located. The driving experience is pretty similar to a petrol powered car. With no engine noise I expected to hear more road and wind noise but I was impressed even at 75mph the car was quiet. The acceleration was definitely quick and took me by surprise.

The 3 options for steering response were definitely noticeable as I changed through them. And there are 3 brake options as well for how the car response after you have come to a complete stop, and let off the pedal, surely a option Worth utilizing. In general the car had a lush sporty feel to it. There were some quality issues with the plastic moldings on the pillars next to the front seats mind you this was there only drivable display car because of COVID.

Seattle car classifieds

But the seat padding is firm yet plush, most certainly a comfortable seat. The car is low and I felt at my height I had to fall into the driver seat, People who are larger or older may be unable to get into the Model 3 because of the ride height. I also could not fit in the rear seat due to leg room after I adjusted the driver to a comfortable position for myself, and the rear door height is is low and I have to do a crunch to make clearance for my head to pass through, yet once in the car I had adequate head room.

Seattle car classifieds

There is a lot of useable cargo space for luggage and groceries In the front truck and rear trunk. The dealership was definitely knowledgeable and answered a lot of my technical and practicality questions. One thing that is a must for me And something I would have to buy is a spare tire separately, or purchase a tire repair kit.

But that seems to be the move for most manufacturers. According to the Tesla dealership because of the regenerative braking, brake pad and rotor service is at ,miles, which is ificantly longer then what my current vehicle manufacturer estimates. The maintenance appears to be less expensive then owning a petrol powered car. And the small Cabin air filter is a job I can do myself when the time comes, if I wanted.

And for unpredictable break downs the warranty is very solid, and is competitive compared to what is offered by other makes. This model is the solution to the interior space issues I referenced earlier for the Model 3. It has the same Tech as the Model 3. It was roomy, especially with leg room. It does however get 40 miles or so less range then the model 3. After my limited experience with driving a Tesla, and after hours of reading reviews and watching videos about others and their experiences, I give the Tesla 4 out of 5 and recommend people to at a minimum schedule a test drive.

Seattle car classifieds

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