Pre op transgender tumblr

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Pre op trans. I wanna see someone with a body like mine to be loved, to be embraced with the body they were given.

Pre op transgender tumblr

I'm still going through an emotional rollercoaster. My skin is not only soft, but it's much more thinner, translucent and delicate. I have some shower gels irritating my skin and my skin is picky now. Leaving the house without having hand moisturizer in my bag? Those days are gone! My skin needs care like a baby now! A shopkeeper in my neighborhood asked me if I have a brother, and I think that he's probably confusing me with my old self, amazing how much I've changed! I have more strong desire to nurture people.

I can't stand seeing people in pain. I already had this, but it's much more unbearable. When I see cute animals I cry! Even when I read a sob story. I can't tolerate spicy food anymore, I used to love it a lot, but now I have less pain tolerance so it's unbearable. If you don't have top surgery yet, that doesn't make you any less of a man. I personally want top surgery, but I live with a transphobic parent.

If you don't WANT top surgery at all, you're still a man.

Pre op transgender tumblr

I have a transmasc friend who said he doesn't want surgery because of money. And that's fine! Your identity is valid whether or not you have a bit of fat on your chest. Cis men have that without the glands. They're just pecs, man. You're fucking great. Like, I'm not completely out to everyone, so I've been pushing back transitioning for their comfort, but that was because I felt it was safe enough and like I had the time to be able to do that. Now I'm just fucked from all sides I got back from the hospital maybe three hours ago.

The surgeon only had to do three incisions to remove my uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes. They ended up giving me bilateral IVs one for each handand they preformed the surgery by hanging me upside down while the little robot helped out the team, it kind of looked like GLaDOS, but with a face full of arms. Anyway, the anesthesia was pretty rough after. I felt weird and nauseous even with the patch. Getting up or sitting is painful, since sutures pull and shift with my body. The hospital kept me overnight because I could not pee for the life of me!

So they popped in a Foley catheter to help open me back up. It stayed in for a few hours before they took it out to see if this remedied the problem. Thankfully it did, otherwise after a six hour period a new catheter would have had to go in and tests would have been ordered. After that I think the incision pain masked the Foley pain if there was any.

Pre op transgender tumblr

The middle suture is about the size of a quarter, while the ones flanking the middle are around the size of a nickel. My best homie is 5 years into his transition. He grew up in a very strict southern religious house hold in Louisiana. After much internalized debate, and a little encouragement from me he went home for the first time this year, as the man I know him as. His parents welcomed him home cherishing getting to see him after all this time. But I say this; try! This is beyond just his situation, just give your families some credit sometimes. You never know how someone will feel or react until you give them a chance to do so.

He struggles with a lot but he has never been more thankful than he is today. His parents are older and may pass at anytime. You can love friends and family even if they do not have it in their hearts to do so.

Pre op transgender tumblr

Family may not be something everyone cares about but at least knowing where you stand with someone can put the mind at ease. Hi, it's been a while and I'm going through a little bit hard times those days. Sorry I couldn't post for a while. I started HRT at January 26, 4 days before my birthday and it's one of the best days in my life. I'll categorize the changes to make it more easier to read! My face is much more feminine looking more plump lips, more prominent cheeks when i smile because of the fat redistribution, I feel much happier with myself when I look in the mirror.

I lost 30 pounds since January. I'm pounds and 5'5", I'm OK with my height : most cis males are taller than me and I get gendered correctly, I feel blessed! Body hair grows back slower and changed in pattern, my facial hair also thinner and grows back slower than it used to. I'm considering laser hair removal for the upcoming months!

I experience PMS symptoms, usually every 3 weeks. Though Prozac helped me with this ificantly, it's still debilitating. I get cramps on my guts and I have mood swings, I cry and laugh a minute next.

Pre op transgender tumblr

I crave chocolate and sweets even though I actually like savory snacks. I hope this will get better. Obviously, I feel much more empathetic and emotional.

Pre op transgender tumblr Pre op transgender tumblr

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