Ohio bi blk top lookin to relocate

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The remaining 40 percent is based on the programs each company said they created to support their people and communities in response to the pandemic. Companies need to employ at least 1, US employees to be considered for the Best Companies list, and at leastemployees globally to be considered for the Best Big Companies to Work For list.

What employees are saying. The attention that the executive team pays to the health and welfare of the surrounding community is extraordinary. Company leadership works to ensure that the company is an active member of the communities in which we operate and are quick to provide resources to support the most vulnerable. I also am heartened by our CEO's focus on social justice issues, specificly those in support of the Black community.

Before it became en vogue to do so, he was vested in listening and taking authentic strategic, meaningful actions. During this pandemic, our company has shown its true colors. What the executive team has done for our communities and our country is outstanding and it makes me SO grateful every day.

In fact, my employee is on the WINDforce employee group and asked our executive team if they could consider sending a large amount of PPE to a Native American tribe and guess what? The next day, they did. But this year really brought to forefront why Hilton is such a special place.

Even in a year that our industry took an unprecedented hit from the pandemic and that we had to make some tough decisions about furloughing or letting go of some of our Team Members, all the actions were accompanied by tremendous hospitality, dignity and compassion. Whether it was extending their Go Hilton eligibility and reservations that would normally be cancelled or maintaining their Honors program longer than normal, or accelerating the preferred treatment that long tenure Team Members get on their unvested equity - each decision was made to do the best company could to help people in crisis.

Equally ificant was how leaders showed up during this year, enhancing their communications, showing support and empathy, not being shy of being vulnerable in front of others. Every company can be good in good years. Great companies like Hilton show what greatness is in crisis. What makes Wegmans a great place to work are the employees going the extra mile to help our customers and communities, especially during the pandemic where we all had to come together and put in extra effort to help customers and the communities we serve get through uncertain times.

It wasn't just employees stocking empty shelfs, doing extra cleaning and sanitizing around the store, and helping in other departments.

Ohio bi blk top lookin to relocate

It was a combination of those things that helped us get through this pandemic and will continue to get through these uncertain times. I also was very thankful for the ability to take the COVID job protected leave as I was very concerned about the risk being infected as I have two older parents in my house who could be at risk. Thank you for doing your best to keep us safe during the pandemic. The first unique part about being with this company is the level of support we get here.

Instead of getting laid off or being forced to still go to work during the pandemic, the company has gone out of their way early on to send all of us home with equipment to be able to work from home and keep our jobs.

My director is always extremely helpful when I need him, the support my team provides as well is amazing. Though I have learned a lot by working from home, I feel that I'm still fully supported even without my team members right next to my side physically.

Ohio bi blk top lookin to relocate

The second unique part about this company itself is how much we give back to the community. I haven't seen any other business do quite what QL has.

Ohio bi blk top lookin to relocate

Between donating, going out in the community to give back, donating our resources so that way we can help in any way we can during the pandemic, it is truly inspiring and has motivated me to give back much more than I normally would have. Our approach to the pandemic was phenomenal. Management did forecasting far further out than I would have expected with a worst case scenario in mind and identified ways to make sure everyone could keep their jobs without salary reductions, then they shared those projections and committed to them.

There has been clear communication every step of the way during these scary times, so I've never had to worry about my personal finances. What's more, they have made it clear that taking care of our families first is the one priority and have provided ample time to help out as needs at home have increased, including providing resources to give kids at home camp experiences and craft supplies. None of my friends have had the kind of experience I have had the last 8 months with a caring, compassionate employer.

There was some trepidation as Ultimate and Kronos merged to make UKG, but all of those fears have been unfounded and this company is, if anything, more committed to putting people first. They used to keep us all working when the pandemic census was low. They explain the whys of difficult decisions and listen to input. I practice to the full extent of my. I am encouraged and supported but not micromanaged.

Just take the Pandemic for example. Not only did Camden take swift action to ensure the safety of all employees by creating avenues to work remotely from home, but they sent every employee an abundance of safety supplies including masks and antiseptic wipes.

Ohio bi blk top lookin to relocate

Then they created a relief fund for employees who may be dealing with extraneous circumstances such as a spouse who lost a job or paying for child care. But no, they did not stop there. Who does that? Camden does! They have always cared for others and do so without an agenda. CapitalOne has great benefits and a focus on using new technologies to automate our IT infrastructure and deploy services in the cloud.

This is a good software development job and initially that was all I thought of it. But during the Covid crisis this company not only took care of employees, but also paid third-party contractors who couldn't come to our closed offices and worked in the company cafeteria, security, and janitorial services. The company also made special allowances for customers who lost their jobs and loved ones to the pandemic.

The CEO and management show that they care about people with their actions. They have carefully built this company up, and used the strength of the business to help others when they can. Sure, it is just a bank, but it is run by people who haven't lost sight of the people in it or the people who are our customers.

I love being a part of teamamex. The leadership team is agile, does the right thing, and communicates a clear vision. I particularly love that Steve [Squeri, CEO] has taken a clear stance to champion inclusion and diversity - with initiatives aimed to promote women, root out unconscious bias, and support the Black community. He sets the tone and his leadership team and leaders across the enterprise model this behavior.

He is unapologetic about it and does not hedge his support - he is all in. I've appreciated being encouraged and able to implement change in my business unit, speak up, and provide my opinion, which is so different from many other companies. The benefits offered support my and my colleagues' needs, and they went the extra mile to ensure we had support during this pandemic - covering not just testing but also treatment of COVID They say in all the coronavirus memos that our well-being comes first, and that's clear in both their words and actions.

Not just the job security and health coverage, but they also expanded benefits and discounts for tutoring, childcare, etc. Many of my colleagues have young children at home and it has been difficult to manage their schooling and continued development with work. They've really appreciated and taken advantage of the new offerings and the ability to work flexibly - leaders are really supportive and understanding. I have also participated in the virtual exercise classes and well-being webinars they offer each day - all free!

Let alone the stuff we all know - 20 weeks of parental leave and a good PTO pot that we are actually encouraged to take! And to top it off - we're receiving additional days to "recharge" for the whole company - so we can really unplug and not feel like we should be "on" - and none of it decreases our PTO balance. Intuit is a great place to work! But with the Covid pandemic this has come to light in ways I couldn't even imagine.

The pandemic has been a very sad episode of our human history - and Jensen [Huang, CEO] and the leadership team have been one of the few sources of light and inspiration. At least for me. The company-wide s and actions that were taken are clear examples of what true leaders do. In a few of those s I would literally have tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading it. Compassion and a clear set of priorities, focused on people not just profit, are what usually make a huge difference.

And it is especially true when there is a global pandemic going around. It is not just a job. It is family. At the start of the Covid Pandemic, David Weekley Homes responded quickly by coming up with a plan for us, the team members. We were offered 2 weeks pay if we needed to quarantine or got the virus and working from home became an option and highly suggested.

The company would pay for Health Benefits while the team members was on this leave. One other way David Weekley Homes showed they care about the team members is if you are a parent and cannot find day care for your children or do not think its safe, if your position allows it, you can work from home until end of August.

If you feel, you cannot work 40 hours and you can only work 30 or less, you will not lose your health benefits. Since March the company and Mr. David Weekley have been communicating with us on a very regular basis, be that by or a video with Mr. Weekley speaking to us. I really don't see how any other company like ours stepped up for its team members and customers to feel safe working here or visiting a model home.

Target is one of the most philanthropic companies in the world! One of our beliefs is that we have a moral obligation to humanity - how many companies for profit have that? Not only do we care for each of our team members, we care deeply for each of our guests and our communities. Hands down, the way Marriott took care of their associates during the pandemic was beyond unbelievable! This just really proved the company was going to do all they could to keep the company afloat, but ensure their associates were well taken care of.

Communication through the pandemic was also prompt, clear and nothing of importance that would affect our life was kept from us. On furlough, senior leadership called voluntary monthly update calls where we could log in and learn what was happening with the company. Our small teams had weekly voluntary team calls to catch up on life. For as large of a company we are, I never once felt I was alone over the last 8 months. Again, hands down the absolute best handling of the situation, keeping associates top of mind and of course, keeping the highest standards of cleanliness in travel.

Ohio bi blk top lookin to relocate

Due to the pandemic our hotel temporarily suspended operations for 7 months. During this suspension ALL colleagues were kept on furlough status in order to have their health insurance remain active. And if this wasn't enough, the company also provided two food drives for the colleagues and their families during this unprecedented times.

Kimpton truly goes to bat for its employees and while this has always been apparent in my four years with the company, the last 7 months during the pandemic have truly given them the opportunity to make this known on a mass scale. When you ask if Kimpton has my back, if I'm proud to work here, and if they are truly a great place to work my answer is clear and concise- YES!!! The company genuinely cares about the wellbeing of its employees. It's never been more apparent as it is now during this global pandemic. I feel like Adobe has been very transparent with its employees and has done an awesome job making informed decisions and pivoting when needed.

It started with the quick shift to WFH for the safety and health of employees before many other companies decided to do so and before the shelter in place order in the Bay Area was implemented. Adobe has halted hiring to avoid layoffs during covid and that gives employees a sense of security during this time when so many are struggling financially.

All the trainings on emotional wellbeing and coping during this time shows that Adobe cares about our mental health. Lastly, the timely messages we receive from Shantanu [Narayen, CEO] regarding current events and how we are to react and behave as Adobe employees is an awesome example of his incredible leadership.

Ohio bi blk top lookin to relocate

In a time of uncertainty, stress, and fear, I feel fortunate to be an Adobe employee. I strongly believe that a unique quality about this company is the honest leadership. During the pandemic, we have been given truthful, up-to-date information on COVID and were never kept in the dark. I also feel that Northwell has amazing leadership that are approachable and always willing to listen to their employees' issues or problems and help in getting them resolved. Our team is filled with team players always willing to lend a helping hand.

This helps to create a fun and energetic environment when coming to work. This company has been truly loyal and committed to their employees over all the years I have worked here. They have offered additional PAID personal days for those who have needed it. They moved quickly to offer work from home solutions not only for the main campuses, but for the branches as well. They have helped those in financial need, those with physical health needs, those with mental health needs and those with family support challenges.

They were creative in finding ways to keep us safe, informed, connected, supported and appreciated. During this world pandemic, the company made every effort to keep all employees working with no lay-offs. Likewise, they accommodated the employees at every level as they balanced health, child care and all other instances as a fallout to the pandemic.

They went above and beyond!

Ohio bi blk top lookin to relocate

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