Meet a millionaire for free

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Support Local Journalism. the Cleveland Scene Press Club. We're all looking for love, but some of us have higher standards than others. If you know your value, you might want to limit your dating pool to people who can treat you the way you deserve to be treated. In other words, if your special someone has to have a special something in their bankyou're probably in the market for some millionaire dating sites. Here are the top 10 best websites and apps for millionaire dating. Top 5 millionaire dating websites.

Founded inMillionaireMatch. First, MillionaireMatch is highly credible. There are about 2. MillionaireMatch has also been featured on TV. Who uses MillionaireMatch? People from all walks of life are welcome on this wealth-centered dating site, as long as they have the scratch. Members include high-profile doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, and even CEOs, whose paychecks are sure to sustain even the most luxurious lifestyle.

How do you know these people are real? MillionaireMatch uses a certification system. By submitting certain documents to verify themselves, members can earn special badges based on their level of financial attainment. Another good indicator is a paid profile. The hard-working staff at MillionaireMatch also spend a great deal of time and energy minimizing impostor profiles or spam profiles on their site.

MillionaireMatch has a good reputation among rich men dating sites and rich women dating sites because of their solid verification process. This website is also more diverse than some of the competition, meaning if you prefer a millionaire of color or a millionaire of the same sex, you will likely find them here. You might find Meet Rich Men more to your taste. Meet Rich Men knows that people using millionaire dating sites are interested in finding success, not in being catfished or sorting through mountains of spam.

To that end, the team has built some great technical features, including high-end security and an excellent system for identifying and eliminating fake profiles. You can also look forward to unlimited messaging and an active chatroom where you can mingle with other millionaires.

Dating Rich Girls. If you live in a major metropolitan area and want to find a rich woman to share a luxurious lifestyle with, DatingRichGirls. With more thanactive users, It is a great place to meet the rich woman of your dreams. If you prefer to hang on to your hard-earned cash, there is a free profile option on this website; however, at the low cost, you can afford to take advantage of the premium membership features. Dating Rich Girls offers many of the same standard features that other dating sites have, such as photo uplo, a strong search algorithm, and a quick-match feature that helps you find compatible dates in a jiffy.

There is a chat room and an -style messaging system that lets you share messages with your newfound love interests; for the bolder among us, there is an IM system that allows for quick chats with prospective dates! While some reviewers have mentioned that the site works best in major cities, that's true of any millionaire dating website: when you have the money to live in Atlanta, Malibu, or Dallas, you're probably not going to choose to live in Dubuque or Amarillo.

Plus, this rich women dating site has a very strict profile verification system in place so all the profiles on it are authentic. It makes the site one of the safest and most secure places on the internet to find love. If you are a man or woman of wealth and taste, you probably want to keep your dating pool limited to people in the same life circumstances.

MillionairesClub is a top-tier millionaire dating website deed to connect men and women of similar income and wealth. Founded and operated by celebrity matchmaker Patti Stanger, who has starred in her own matchmaking TV show, MillionairesClub is perhaps the most exclusive rich men and rich women dating site on the internet. This helps keep the dating pool small and keeps gold-diggers and spammers away from the site.

Prospective members have to undergo an intensive screening and selection process.

Meet a millionaire for free

In other words, you are guaranteed to find elite, high-quality people. So what do you get for your money? First, you will be connected with leading relationship coaches, psychologists, and other professionals who will perform an in-depth analysis of who you are and what you want.

This is no cheap algorithm banged out by a graduate student; these are highly trained and educated professionals whose livelihoods rely on connecting you with a compatible match. The high entry fees, professional level of service, and real-world expertise of the staff make Millionairesclub one of the best millionaire dating sites for the legitimately wealthy.

The site also takes privacy seriously, which makes it a great choice for high-profile members who want to find love without attracting the sneering eyes of the public. So what if you are a highly educated, wealthy professional such as a cardiologist or an actuary? To keep the dating pool filled with people of a compatible wealth level, Elitesingles. Elite Singles also features a well-developed filtering system that eliminates spam-bots, as well as a premium membership option for those who want to prove that they have the money. One of the best things about Elite singles is its well-developed algorithm.

Yes, we were trash-talking algorithms just a moment ago, but Elite Singles has cut no corners and spared no expense in developing a cutting-edge selection system deed to keep your matches limited to the truly compatible. The algorithm is backed by a thoughtful series of targeted questions that help you flesh out your profile and provide meaningful data to the matchmaking bots.

That also means that Elite singles targets users who want to develop a real-life relationship: this is not a casual hookup app. If you are an educated professional who lives near a major metropolitan area, Elite Singles is one of the best millionaire dating apps on the market for you. Raya Dating Site. Raya is a relatively new addition to the millionaire dating scene, but so far, it has proven to be an excellent website for the exclusive and refined among us.

Raya dating site focuses on the newer generation of wealthy people. As you might expect with this kind of clientele, Raya has a strong celebrity presence on their app — you can expect to find high-profile singers, actors, or other well-known persons hanging out on Raya and looking for love.

Meet a millionaire for free

If you like exclusivity, Raya App is perfect for you. Not just anybody can Raya: you have to be invited by a current member, and you have to complete a thorough application that is vetted by the team. Part of the application process includes connecting to your Instagramwhich is an additional layer of verification for you and for prospective dates on the app.

Raya also pulls photos from Instagram to your dating profile, so you know that you are seeing someone real. This Instagram-centric interface plus the vetting process ensures that your matches on Raya are high-quality people who are likely high-profile and looking to date away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi or the gold-diggers.

The only drawback that we can find to Raya is that it focuses more on glamorous, glitzy hookups than on true love.

Meet a millionaire for free

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating Site. Coffee Meets Bagel is a relative newcomer to the online dating scene. While it does not cater to millionaires in the same way as MillionaireMatch or Millionaresclub, Coffee Meets Bagel is a popular choice among young, upstart professionals. If you are an aspiring millionaire, perhaps freshly graduated from medical school or holding a shiny new MBA, Coffee Meets Bagel is right for you. While many millionaire dating sites use proprietary algorithms to decide who matches who, Coffee Meets Bagel has augmented their matching system by including Facebook data.

Based on your Facebook activity and the data you enter in your Coffee Meets Bagel profile, the system spits out matches that it believes will be a good fit for you. The user interface is minimalist, but that is a good thing: instead of having to mess with settings, comb through profiles, set your search filters, and so on, Coffee Meets Bagel users are provided with five curated matches every day that they can evaluate and possibly connect with.

When you find a suitable partner, you can exchange messages and chats or even connect through a video chat in the app. Bad at conversation? The app includes an Icebreakers function which provides fun conversation starters once you match with your new beau. All in all, Coffee Meets Bagel is a solid dating app. However, you are limited to five matches per day, and there is no screening or vetting process to filter people out by income range. That said, this dating site is easy to use, simple, and great for people who are seeking a real relationship and not just a quick hookup.

Inner Circle Dating Site. Popular among people who have high-powered corporate jobs in major cities across the U. This profile connection feature guarantees that what you see is what you get and helps eliminate scammers and spammers from the workings of Inner Circle. Before the outbreak of Covid, Inner Circle was renowned for hosting major bash parties in the cities they serve: you might find yourself invited to a dance party in Atlanta or a meet-and-greet in L.

However, even the pandemic wasn't enough to slow down the fast-paced matchmakers at Inner Circle; they have been hosting fun virtual events for singles who use their service. If you want to find a professional who can enjoy the finer things in life with you, Inner Circle is a safe place to begin your search.

Hinge Dating Site.

Meet a millionaire for free

Famous for its "deed to be deleted" advertising campaigns, Hinge is a dating app that is highly popular among younger users. One of the best features of Hinge is its highly detailed profiling system. Their questionnaire is extensive and detailed and is deed to connect you with a like-minded person who is interested in a long-term relationship. If you are interested in finding someone who values the finer things in life as much as you do, Hinge is a great choice for you to meet new and compatible people.

That said, Hinge is not by any means exclusive to millionaires.

Meet a millionaire for free

However, with their detailed profiling system, you can find another single person who has similar values. You could even potentially find a match who has a nice little nest egg tucked away, but there are no guarantees. On the bright side, when you do find that perfect someone, Hinge offers integrated video chat that includes an option to prompt you with icebreakers.

You can even embark on a scavenger hunt with your date and find items from around the house together — it might sound corny, but it's a lightweight way to enjoy some time together and get to know one another! Hinge is a good dating app, but it is probably not the best place to meet a millionaire. The league Dating Site. This dating app caters to elite, wealthy singles who are seeking committed relationships with similarly classy people. Have you been told you are too picky or that you're trying to reach people out of your league?

If so, this is the site for you.

Meet a millionaire for free

It comes highly rated by users, who find that the extensive vetting and verification process helps keep undesirable or unqualified candidates from the site. The League uses social media connections to verify and validate profiles on their site, which keeps spammers and other problematic people off of this high-end millionaire dating site. The features on The League are scaled by price, meaning that to play more, you have to pay more: this is a handy way of reducing your potential dating pool to those candidates who have the extra coin on hand to pay for premium membership features.

The League App offers members several useful features. First, members are scored based on their activity levels and behavior.

Meet a millionaire for free

If a person is mean to their concierge did we mention that you get a personal concierge on The League? This keeps the dating pool filled with eligible people who know how to act, an essential criterion for any discerning millionaire dater. To connect you with that special someone, The League uses a happy hour system.

Every day, the app will push a of profiles to you for evaluation. No worries at all. The League will continue sending you new and fresh profiles until you find the person of your dreams.

Meet a millionaire for free

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Top 10 Millionaire Match Dating Sites: Meet Rich Men & Rich Women