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See also: Somalia news. Based in Mogadishu, Somalia. Adam, Hussein and Richard Ford, et. Institute of Peace Washington, D. Peaceworks, No. Annachiara Raia. Based in Albertslund, Denmark. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Consulting firm on investment risks, political risks. Operates in Somalia, Sudan, Kenyaand other African countries.

The owner is Dr. Ali Abdullahi. Based in Victoria, Australia. Aragti Qaran in Somali. Has current newsbusiness and sports news, history articles, the Maay langauge, human rights abuses, many links to Somalia sites. Emphasis is on "southern Somali history, language and political view. Mukhtar, and other essays. Banadir In English and Somali. News on Somalia from various sources, radio news in Somali, requires Real Player, sound cardlinks to Somali related sites the Somali press, businessesetc. Based in Windsor, Canada. Background to the events, material from classified military video tapes and documents and from military radio transmissions.

There are comments to the reporter, Mark Bowden, from the public such as on military technical details, etc. From the book " Black Hawk down : a story of modern war. Bowden's book was a nonfiction finalist in the National Book Awards.

Produced by the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. See the Speeche Archive section. You'll need Real Player, sound card, and speakers. Ministry of National Defence. Those events, some of them by now well known to most Canadians, included the shooting of Somali intruders at the Canadian compound in Belet Huen, the beating death of a teenager in the custody of soldiers from 2 Commando of the Canadian Airborne Regiment CARan apparent suicide attempt by one of these Canadian soldiers, Bookstore phone : Includes basic statistics from The State of the World's Children pub.

Carpenter Foreign Policy Briefing No. The IMC site has additional photographs. Has a Nov. Has a directory of inactive radio stations. Use the Search from to locate other Somalia related items. The main is the index 24 p. Click on the letter of the alphabet to find the full citation. Has some typos Alpters instead of Alpers.

Clarke was Deputy Director of the U. Has a report on Somalia. Use their keyword search facility to locate other reports. June 6, It has no affiliation with the U. Has a glossary, bibliography. Established in Djibouti in March with executive offices in Dubai - U. With 75 agents in the UK and more than payout locations in the Horn of Africa, Davies, Rick - Mogadishu Images from the Past "A cartographic and photographic record of Mogadishu, Somalia, from the late 18th century to This has been created and maintained by Rick Davies Ph.

See related web sites. Government Fueling Civil War in Somalia? Democracy Now is a radio and TV program. Learn Somali through interactive games. Learning games also in Afrikaans, Arabic, Swahili. Includes links on FGM. Extensive annotated directory on all aspects of Djibouti, Somalia. Has a discussion forum. Based in Villejuif, France. Images of Somali money. Includes photographs. Has project document, board of trustees list, etc.

EISA is a Johannesburg, South Africa based non-profit whose "mission is to strengthen electoral processes, good governance, human rights and democratic values Coverage is from prehistoric times up to A of corrections to Vol. Has links to related sites. From the article - "destined to be the classic resource in its area for years to come" "By any measure, this is an outstanding achievement Dallas, Tx. Provides s of speakers by language, dialects, linguistic affiliation, etc. Includes Cultural Profiles, articles such as a report on Somali diet. Hicks, World Food Programme. FEWS is "a USAID-funded activity that collaborates with international, national, and regional partners to provide timely and rigorous early warning and vulnerability information on emerging or evolving food security issues.

Based at Chemonics International, Washington, D. On foreign aid, etc. Volume 24, Africa. Washington, D. Full text primary documents letters, telegrams, memoranda, etc. Includes the entire continent plus the Horn of Africa, etc. Geneva Call works to ban landmines, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Extensive historical background, political situation, protection issues, international response, statistics, graphs, maps, sources used with links to online sources. Began as "Somaliland's first most comprehensive junior college with boarding facilities. Offers degrees in business, education, engineering and law.

Their books are distributed in the U. Hargeysa Cultural Center Has a library, art gallery, film screenings, theatre performances, cafe, etc. Hosts the Hargeysa Book Fair. The Fai r. Online articles include an i nterview with the writer Nurrudin Farah. Hiiraan Online In English and Somali. News articles from major news publicationspolitical commentary, a Somalia music site, extensive links to Somali related sites. Older news on Somaliland, articles from the Somliland newspaper, Jamhuuriya and other sources.

Lewis and others. Thanks to Deborah Hicks of the U. World Food Programme for this correction. Somaliland declared itself independent from Somalia. Somaliland literature.

Based in London. Marion Frank-Wilson. The library is strong in anthropology, linguistics, literature, history, political science. There is a list of Current African newspaper subscriptions at Indiana. By Dr. Nancy J. Schmidt In, Phyllis M. Martin and Patrick O'Meara eds.

Third edition.

Bloomington: Indiana University Press,pp. The Institute works in partnership with the Somaliland government House of Representatives training, building the librarysponsors a clinic for orphan Somali children, etc. Based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Has press releases. Based in Djibouti.

Volumes may be borrowed thru interlibrary loan by U. Africa Report, No. July 28, Makes recommendations to the Somaliland government, donor governments, the U. Has full text articleson Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire. Political party in Somaliland. Its candidate in the April Presidential election, Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, came in second but later became President of Somaliland Laashin In Somali. Publishes books in Somali.

Information on the history, society, economy, politics, national security of each country. Covers Somalia. Includes some from Italian Somalia. Large file. Takes a while to load. Library of Congress - Somalia Postcards Historical postcards from early s to approx. Owned by the Library of Congress, U.

Markacadey chat room

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