Inmate connections dating

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a life behind bars? Other programs glamorize it, making it seem like living the prison life is much, much easier than other shows portray it to be. In reality, these are human beings who have been put away for whatever reason, and NO, it does not automatically mean they are terrible people.

Inmate connections dating

Sure, they had to have committed a crime to land themselves there, but oftentimes, prisoners and convicts are normal people who simply made a mistake and regret it every day during their sentence. Prisoners are real people, not actors or celebrities. They are mothers and fathers, artists and intellectuals, and above all, they are human. Living life behind bars can get extremely lonely, especially if you are confined between the prison walls for years at a time.

One thing that prisoners can look forward to is their occasional letters they receive in the mail from a pen pal!

Inmate connections dating

Try Now. As one of the largest prison pen pal sites there is, Meet-an-Inmate gives you tons of available inmates who have posted personal in search of communication. This site is basically the same concept as the one above, but it has more specific search filters.

You can find the prisoner you are wanting to connect with and start writing today! You can choose between contacting your prisoner pen pal through or snail mail. You might even get to know them well enough to go and physically visit them! This site believes that the cruel and unusual punishment that prisoners receive should be abolished and prisoners should be shown more compassion and understanding. With over 1, inmate profiles to choose from, you can use this site to connect with someone doing time on the inside.

This mobile friendly site is frequently updated, and it even gives you the option to your own prisoner profile for a loved one! You can browse all the single inmates and if someone catches your eye, you can send them a letter or an to start your connection today!

You can location and find prisoners more local to you, or you can go another route and randomize your location to find a prisoner further away. Here, you can either find a new friend behind bars, or maybe even meet your soulmate! Since most of the other sites a predominantly male, this site provides a platform specifically for female inmates.

Inmate connections dating

This dating site is for either formerly or currently incarcerated individuals, so they can all connect with one another with a type of common ground. While this one is geared a little more towards inmates interacting with one another, people on the outside world are welcome to as well! Much like Women Behind Bars, this all-female dating website gives you tons of options to choose from.

These women have either been in jail once in their lives or are currently in jail. You can browse through available candidates and decide who you want to begin your connection with! Yes, you can use Match to connect with someone who is currently on the inside, or used to be locked up! Match is almost completely customizable when it comes to searches, so you can narrow down your search to former or current inmates. Believe it or not, a lot of prisoners both current and former use Facebook to connect with those on the outside world.

Although Facebook is not specifically a dating website, tons of people use it as a dating platform because you can search for people based on their area, school they went to, etc. Facebook is used quite often to make new connections between people every day! They deserve to have the opportunity to connect with someone on the outside so they can get a sense of normalcy, and maybe even make a lifelong friend in the process.

They could ultimately be a victim, or the main perpetrator in a crime, so you need to tread lightly on certain subjects with them. Just keep conversation normal and not out of the ordinary for safety purposes. However, the benefit of writing back and forth and even potentially developing a relationship with someone who is incarcerated can outweigh the risks greatly. It can be hard to live a life behind bars, so occasional or frequent contact with the outside world can make all the difference for them.

Just know that although you are talking to a person, they are in prison for a reason. People may judge you and say negative things, but you ultimately make your own decisions, and if you do decide to begin a relationship with an inmate, then good on you! When interacting with a prisoner, you may come into contact with someone who only wants to contact someone on the outside in order to get them to send money, do favors, etc.

Inmate connections dating

Most prisoners really only want a pen pal in order to stay connected with the outside world, but others have different plans in mind. She ed and took over operations of RomanceScams. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. of Chelsea's articles. At RomanceScams.

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Inmate connections dating

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Inmate connections dating

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