I love you i german

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Even Martian or gobbledegook spoken by a beautiful person would sound charming to the ear. Any fool can open up a dictionary app and rattle off a translation. Read on to learn everything from casual flirting phrases to quotations from medieval literature. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. What does a German language learning program have to do with expressing your innermost feelings?

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The direct object—that is, the person you love—takes the accusative case. Imagine this conversation: a confession of love and a surprised reply:. Another quite common verb is jemanden Lieb haben — to have love for someone.

I love you i german

Many people feel that this is a lighter and less intense way to say the same thing as ich liebe dich. Ich mag dich sehr gerne. I like you very much. What do we do with the people we love? We hug them, perhaps. Could I kiss you? Ich habe nichts mit ihm getan, nur kuscheln. If you want to pay someone a nice compliment in German, you can never go wrong with some of these sweet adjectives. What a pretty girl!

I love you i german

Du siehst heute so schick aus. You look so handsome today. These words can sometimes have a bit of a feeling of childishness to them. Ich finde sie sehr nett. I want a considerate boyfriend. She had flowing hair, long legs and a very beautiful smile. German uses plenty of nouns in the quest for love, as well. As you can imagine, some are metaphorical, like das Herz the heart. When I see you, my heart beats. How about the stars in the sky, or die Sterne?

Jemand hat Sterne in deine Augen gelegt. These are words not in and of themselves related to love, but that can and do get used often to describe love. Have a look at the examples:. Als ich dich gesehen habe, war es wirklich Liebe auf den ersten Blick. When I saw you, it was truly love at first sight. Ich hatte auf einmal einen sehr guten Eindruck von dir.

I immediately had a very good impression of you. People the world over think that small things are cute, and so any language with diminutives will tend to use them to describe cute or romantic things. German dives right into this.

I love you i german

Since English and German are related languages, there are a lot of words with similar pronunciations and meanings. However, thanks to the mysteries of time, some root words diverged into two very different words in modern languages. You most often see it in this set phrase:. I want to read books. Another is das Kissen. Ich mag harte Kissen. I like hard pillows. We have the verb lieben, which in German can easily switch its part of speech to a noun, die Geliebte.

I love you i german

In any case, this confuses native German-speakers sometimes as well! You might also be interested in how to flirt in German. Ich habe gesehen, wie du mit ihr geflirtet hast! I saw how you flirted with her! Here are some classics:. Du kommst mir bekannt vor. I think I know you. Your eyes match my bedsheets. Ich habe meine Handynummer verloren, kann ich deine haben? I lost mycan I have yours? Handy is another false friend that, interestingly enough, many Germans feel is correct English. Auf jemanden stehen is probably the most casual way to say that you want to be with somebody.

In this case, it has a connotation of physical desire, or perhaps just a quick fling. Go back to the first half of the article if you want phrases for more serious ventures. My heart still lies with you. Best of luck with love! Liebe geht durch den Magen.

I love you i german

Love goes through the stomach. Alte Liebe rostet nicht. An old love never rusts. I love you so much, I could just eat you up. Pay special attention here to the verb fressen, which is normally used for animals. The proper German word for a person eating would be essen instead, but fressen evokes a sort of wild frenzy potentially quite applicable.

Even reading it in English may bring tears to your eyes. Love in German literature has had a rich history practically as long as there has been German literature. Here are some beautiful literary German quotes about love that, when used correctly and sparingly, will make you come across as both extremely romantic and extremely well-read. Perhaps you know a German-speaker with an interest in literature? These will knock their socks off.

The most important person is always the one standing in front of you; the most important action is always love. In a single moment love accomplishes what toil fails to achieve in a long time. In German, there are a couple more set phrases to describe long-lasting and eternal love. Ich werde dich nie verlassen. I want you to be mine forever. And as you can see, talking about love in German is something that gives you applicable skills for talking about, well, anything else. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn German with real-world videos.

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I love you i german

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How to Say "I Love You" in German - Practical and Efficient Ways to Declare Love in a Notoriously Unromantic Language