How to make a guy feel good

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Back in my teens and early twenties, I had no idea how to persuade a man to be in a relationship with me. The best I could ever get was a few weeks of meaningless hook-ups, before he got bored. Honestly, this was very upsetting for me, because I had no idea what I was to scare these men away.

Power, purpose, meaning, strength, joy. These are the emotions he wants to feel in a long-term relationship. And it drastically changed the way men responded to me. While most modern relationships do not conform to traditional gender rolesthere are still unspoken things that seem to set the stage.

A woman might not be seen doing the traditional feminine role, such as cooking dinner every night. Yet, her husband will still do things to make her feel like a woman. Likewise, a woman may need to do a few things to remind him how masculine he really is.

How to make a guy feel good

This can help balance the relationship. When men feel like they are manly in a relationship, they feel as though they have accomplished something. Men are built to provide work and protect them. When they do not, it in the slow deterioration of their ego, their self-confidence, and their happiness.

These 19 tips will instantly make a man feel manly once again.

How to make a guy feel good

Even if the jar of pickles is loose enough for you to open it, ask your guy to open it. Doing those little things that require more strength will instantly make a guy weaker in the knees. Besides, every boyfriend wants to feel needed around the house. Make sure that you ask him to fix thingsand then show your appreciation. I would have needed a ladder to reach that! Men like to be big, strong protectors. Simply telling him how he makes you safe and secure when he wraps his arms around you will let him know that he is a wonderful protector.

Every man wants to be like the God of Sex. However, when he does something you like, let him know how much you like it! Guys are hard-wired to help solve problems. This comes from being the provider, protector and so much more for many generations. Now, guys often get the backseat in the relationship when it comes to solving things, leading to them feeling emasculated. This could be with a parenting situation, financial problem, or something else.

Regardless of the problem, men love to help solve things.

How to make a guy feel good

Sometimes, men need verbal appreciation. Tell him how helpful it was, or how you would have never thought of that solution instead of a simple thank you. Going out of your way can go a long way! Make his favorite dinner. Plan a date night because you love him. Men love to get surprise gifts or a good morning text too! When you do this, it guarantees that he knows he is lovedappreciated, and manly. Some great ideas include:. Make sure to cater to your special things to the guy in your life. If he is not affectionate, skip that one. Use what you know about him to show him that you love him, and love being in a relationship with him.

How to make a guy feel good

Women of every age can pull this off. Men will enjoy the instant manly feeling it brings. When women show how feminine they are, men naturally begin to feel more masculine. Sometimes, to make a man feel masculine, women need to simply be more feminine in the relationship. Other ways women can show a feminine side with little effort include:. When women show how feminine they are, men will immediately show how masculine they are. Men are natural-born leaders. This comes from our primitive days of being hunter-gatherers when men made the primary decisions because it was their job to protect the women and children.

While we are not going to come face to face with the dangers of wild animals today, the mindset is still the same. To nurture the manly side of men, let them lead. Encourage planning things. Go along with what they have to say. Letting your guy take charge or listening when he has advice will instill feelings of manliness over and over again. There is nothing more emasculating than disrespect.

Yelling, shouting, name-calling, and undermining their place in the household can destroy a relationship. It can instantly make him want to find someone else that wants to be protected and loved. Instead, solve issues by using effective communication skills. Maintain respect while doing so. Other examples of disrespect that women might not be aware of include:. Women often develop patterns of disrespect due to being exposed to these relationships throughout their life. Men get used to them because they are so common.

However, both women and the guy can benefit from learning new patterns of behavior that promote healthy relationships and respect. When you check him out, it shows that you appreciate that awesome, masculine body. Anything that makes him hot and sweaty counts! Some examples include:. A guy will always have a look that you love. Regardless of when it is, you can trust that your guy wants to feel sexy.

If you like something, you can always make sure that he will know how you feel. Long after relationships begin, women tend to quit flirting. The guy will accept that this is the way it is. Unfortunately, this can lead to a man feeling unwanted, which will kill their manly vibe. Instead, flirt with him. Kiss his neck. Random physical affection goes a long way! Sometimes, the non-stop talk about the office can get a bit boring. Save the eye rolls and exasperated sighs though! He might like talking about work or making money.

How to make a guy feel good

When you actually hear him and give positive feedback, it makes him feel important. Every male needs to feel important to enjoy their masculinity. It can be tempting to nag him about his health or show you care through trying to make him do things. Yet, this does little to promote masculinity. Let him know you read an article that says how his current habits will affect him years from now.

Worry or concern is better expressed through conversation instead of nagging. If you have children, tell them how awesome daddy is, and point out why. We always have everything under control. Partners should be able to feel vulnerable with one another. This is great for your relationship, everyone in the family, and great for bringing out his protective side. Respect him, his authority, and his independence. Simply listening to what he says and taking his opinion into consideration can go a long way.

Compliment himand show him you love him too! Every guy has a different sweet spot.

How to make a guy feel good

Others might be the neck or ear. Try these obvious locations and watch for a reaction. Flirt with him. Smile, hug him and compliment him. More than anything, listen to him with respect. For a bolder approach, consider telling him that you like him. Then ask him out on a date. You can also invite him out with you and friends for a less formal dating option.

Tell him how safe you feel in his arms. Make him feel strong with compliments. When a man falls in love, he might not know how to act. He will be a little bit awkward, and stare at you or nervously fidget. Guys will notice a faster heartbeat, and they might sweat. Feeling weak in the knees is pretty common too! It will take some time for them to figure it out.

For more ways to help your relationship stay intact, ! As hopeless romantic I struggled tremendously in my love life. It wasn't an easy road, but one that has taught me an incredible amount about the workings of relationships between men and women, and this is what I hope to share through my writing on this blog. You should never ask a man first on a date.

Throw some hints and let him initiate. If he never Does, he doesnt like you enough. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

How to make a guy feel good

Want to know to make your partner feel like a man? Let me tell you a story to show you how I know this… Back in my teens and early twenties, I had no idea how to persuade a man to be in a relationship with me.

How to make a guy feel good

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