How not to be shy around guys

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Have you ever felt so shy around men you liked that you avoided them altogether? Maybe you felt so awkward and self-conscious that talking to a particular man felt painful. It hurt like crazy because your interactions with this special guy went so differently than how you imagined.

After all, as an introverted woman, you tend to think a lot. You fantasize about conversations with the man you like. You imagine yourself opening up to him, as he looks at you with love and acceptance. No matter how hard you try, you still feel shy around men, especially the ones you really like. I know how frustrating this can be. I used to be extremely shy around men. Meanwhile I could count on one hand the of times I actually talked to said man. I would fantasize and long, but speaking to him was a whole different story.

I felt painfully awkward, overthinking everything from my body language, to my appearance, to the few words I did say.

How not to be shy around guys

Looking back, I did all the wrong things. After all, many introverted women who are shy around men fall prey to these sneaky traps. As a quiet woman who feels shy around men, you likely do what I did for many years. When you like a man, you automatically assume he would be better off with another woman. You think he deserves someone who is more outgoing, charming, and sweet. Or more talented, beautiful, and accomplished. In your mind, you vote for the other team before even taking a swing. Have you ever tried to impress a man with your amazing cooking skills, credentials, life experiences, or intelligence?

I sure have. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but when I was a teenager, painfully shy around men, and devoutly religious, my primary flirtation tool was baking. Trying to get a man to like you by impressing him creates a vibe of reaching and striving, which pushes men away. One thing that really breaks my heart is the amount of bad dating advice introverted women receive.

There are so many dating coaches out there who only focus on tactics, games, and manipulation. This approach might appear to work in the short term, but it does NOT lead to the kind of true connection and intimacy introverted women need. Because, guess what. True attraction is about revealing, rather than putting on a show. I know that this might all sound overwhelming.

Best of all, with these small shifts, you will see a difference in the way men react to you immediately. When was the last time you checked in with your own heart and emotions? Do you know what your heart wants? Do you listen to it when it is hurting? Or do you drown out its messages with distractions, food, or constant striving for perfection? A man cannot connect with your heart if you are in a constant state of disconnection. Take a moment now to listen to your heart.

Place your hand over your chest and ask your heart what it wants to tell you. You might be surprised at what you discover. There is so much advice out there on how to turn a man on. But the true secret to driving a man wild has to do with how YOU feel.

Studies have shown that men get aroused when they know that a woman is turned on. This applies outside the bedroom, too. Wear clothes and underwear that express who you are and make you feel sexy. Do nice things for yourself, and take care of your body and mind. The secret to cutting through all the small talk and awkwardness on dates is to focus on receiving and appreciating. This means accepting what a man offers in word or deed with genuine appreciation. When he gives you a compliment, really receive it and allow it to light you up with happiness.

If he pays for dinner, avoid the urge to get awkward about it and offer to pay half. What a treat!

How not to be shy around guys

You might also receive his flirtations by looking him in the eye and smiling, instead of putting up a wall. I know that first dates can be insanely daunting for quiet women like us. Can you relate to what I shared? What are your biggest struggles when it comes to dating? Feel free to share your questions and experiences in the comments below. How embarrassing!

I know what I need to do, but once I have been hijacked, I need to have a time-out to pop the bubble and get myself back to myself again. Thanks for your Guides :. Thanks for sharing that, Jo. I hope the checklist helps you to feel more comfortable. It takes some practice and lots of patience with yourself. Hi Michaela, I still like and appreciate that you are doing things like this for introverted women. Would you rather a guy ignore you or be superficial?

How not to be shy around guys

Like Michaela says, be authentic and genuine, this gives you your best chance with me. You better believe that I am evaluating you, and thinking long term when I decide to pursue a romantic interest. I strive for balance. If I give you any of my time you still have a chance, if I give you no time at all, someone else would appreciate you more than I would and just chalk that up as the one that got away, and place that in your experience file of what not to do.

I cook too and that to me makes for a great time, I like nature, and adventure as well. Sport on!! Introvert women tend to keep quiet after hearing a complement. A communication killer…. We might not respond to a compliment for a of reasons.

Yes, you are being punished for the sins of those who have gone before you. Are you intimidated??? Those are my reasons, anyway. But in YOUR defense, yes, a simple thank you and a smile would be a great response! This is oh so helpful to a coy woman like me who, up until my 27th birthday recently, have been single for 3 and a half years due to building up a barrier to meeting strangers and being intimate with the opposite sex.

Thankfully, I have met and old friend who managed to meet me halfway and provide a much-needed stepping stone into this unfamiliar realm that I had emotionally built up! Thankyou for this article. I do like your advise, it seems real and hopefully I can do it to help me. Shy Around Men?

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How not to be shy around guys

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