Honey boo boo family 2016

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The show premiered on August 8,and ended on August 14, The reality series received predominantly negative reviews from television critics during its run. On October 24,TLC cancelled the series after four seasons when cast member June "Mama June" Shannon was seen with Mark Anthony McDaniel, a man who served 10 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated child molestation in and who is a registered sex offender.

Honey boo boo family 2016

This prompted Shannon to admit to Entertainment Tonight that the father of her daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon was not McDaniel as ly stated, but Michael Anthony Ford, another convicted sex offender who served time for sexual exploitation of minors after being caught on ' To Catch a Predator ' in The first season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo aired from August 8 to October 26,and was followed by four specials airing in early For the second-season premiere, TLC distributed "Watch 'N' Sniff" cards, allowing viewers to release scents correlating with specific scenes.

On September 20,it was announced that TLC had ordered a twelve-episode third season and three specials. The series premiere episode attained a 1. Critical reaction to the series has been mixed, with some characterizing the show as "offensive", "outrageous" and "exploitative", while others call it "must-see TV". The A. Club called the first episode a "horror story posing as a reality television program", [17] with others worrying about potential child exploitation.

A reviewer for Forbes criticized TLC as trying to "portray Alana's family as a horde of lice-picking, lard-eating, nose-thumbing hooligans south of the Mason—Dixon line ", stating that "it falls flat, because there's no true dysfunction here, save for the beauty ant stuff". The Hollywood Reporter pronounced the show "horrifying," explaining:. You know this show is exploitation. TLC knows it. Maybe even Mama and HBB know it, deep down in their rotund bodies. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is a car crash, and everybody rubber-necks at a car crash, right?

It's human nature. Yes, except that if you play that card, you also have to realize that human nature comes with the capacity to draw a line, to hold fast against the dehumanization and incremental tearing down of the social fabric, even if this never-ending onslaught of reality television suggests that's a losing effort. You can say no to visual exploitation. You can say no to TLC.

And you can say no to Honey Boo Boo Child. Somebody has to. Alana Thompson and her family have lowered the TV bar to new depths while introducing viewers to the terms 'forklift foot' and 'neck crust. June Shannon herself was criticized for her daughter's diet, which included "Go Go Juice," a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew that contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee.

She used the blended beverage to get her daughter ready for ants. Shannon, in responding to such criticism, pointed out, "There are far worse things I could be giving her alcohol. Out praised the show for Alana Thompson's attitude toward her gay paternal uncle Lee "Poodle" Thompson; Thompson stated, "Ain't nothing wrong with bein' a little gay. Prior to the show's second season, Hank Stuever of The Washington Post said the show "feels as real to me as the Great Depression images shot by the WPA photographers" and praised the "solid—if unorthodox—family values. The film Scary Movie 5 featured a scene parodying Sinister where Simon Rex is frightened by an Alana look-a-like that pops out of a cardboard box and says, "A dollar makes me holla, honey boo boo.

In the tenth season of competition reality show RuPaul's Drag Racecontestant Eureka O'Hara impersonated Alana during the show's recurring challenge 'Snatch Game', which is, in itself, a parody of the popular show Match Game. On October 24,TLC announced the cancellation of the show after reports surfaced that June Shannon was dating a man convicted of child molestation. Shannon and her older daughter Lauryn denied these reports.

Honey boo boo family 2016

An entire season's worth of episodes — which could reportedly fill six months of schedule [33] — were left unaired, following the cancellation of the show. Hirsch stated that the studio's BBW themed productions have become a very popular genre on Vivid. It ain't happening, not even for a zillion dollars.

The music video featured June and Sugar Bear, and amassed millions of views online, [37] which started a viral craze, the "honey boo boo bop", written by Barta. While the couple were there to work on their marriage, Sugar Bear ultimately revealed his infidelities to June.

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Honey boo boo family 2016

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Honey boo boo family 2016

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Honey boo boo family 2016

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Honey boo boo family 2016 Honey boo boo family 2016

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