Hall pass black dick

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What's new New posts Latest activity. Live Chat. Shop MoS. Log in Register. Search titles only. Latest activity. Log in. I know this has been discussed here but wow does this make me mad. Thread starter JerseyFresh Start date Mar 10, JerseyFresh Member. ed Feb 16, Messages I was watching that new movie "Hall Pass" with Owen Wilson where he gets one week to cheat on his wife without any consequences. Well the movie was pretty good. So the scene goes like this. Owen Wilson falls asleep in a hot tub at the gym. As he wakes up after 3 hours in the hot tub i guess his legs are or something and hes stuck in the hot tub.

Both are naked. The first guy big muscular black guy with a big 11 inch swingin dick. Then to make matters worse the guys kneel down. Black guy at owens head and white guy at owens legs. THen they zoom in on owens face next to this huge black dick for what seems like an eternity. And then owen looks at the white guy and says "hey irish Meaning owen didnt want his head on this guys lap with a snake next to his head. Add to that in the movie Hot tub time machine when the guy loses the bet and has to suck his black friends dick.

When he pulls down the pants he says "wowww good for you!! Now I know its been discussed here.

Hall pass black dick

And i'm by NO means a small guy to begin with so I dont have an inferiority complex per se. Plenty of small white ones though. Hate to add to the rumor. Alex78 Banned. ed Feb 13, Messages 1, I do get your frustration, lots of white guys who are packing major heat are not shooting porn,but lots of black guys are, the black community is poorer and this is a good income Nowadays all girls can view porn easily and do not need to be exposed while going to rent porn!

And most of it is a big black dick vs horny white women It is forcing an image of superior sex race to these women and they see them as more potent and powerful, i hate these cuckold series where a white guy watches a black guy fuck his daughter or wife If it were reverse there would be protests Im really happy DLD is making this DLD doublelongdaddy. ed Jun 3, MessagesMedia plays on myths and this causes a perpetual stagnation in the way society views many things.

KingD Well-known member. ed Jun 28, Messages 1, Being a black male, I have seen white dicks in porn that make mine look like a 5 yr old. Just like DLD said, the media always plays on myths and stereotypes. The world would be so much better if we were all naked! KingD; said:. ed Jun 12, Messages Me personally I find it hilarious in movies when they do this.

I guess I just have a messed up sense of humor or something but why let it get you down. You must admit that it does not help when there are guys like mandingo out there packing all that meat. I guess it is what sells. Cheers Little fella soon to be Big fella.

I mean I dated a black girl for 4 years.

Hall pass black dick

I"m mixed with italian irish and puerto rican. So don't take what I'm saying as me being racist. And I feel like its "ok" to make fun of white guys a BIT too much now. I just want a movie that shows a bunch of white dudes wit dicks dangling to their knees and a few black guys walk by and get laughed at for once. But while we're on this topic and everyone here says that whites and blacks have the same size dicks JerseyFresh; said:. ed Jun 3, Messages 24, I understand you fully JerseyFlesh. I have seen these movies and they are very racially degrading in motivation towards the whites but its done with subtle undercurrents.

Doesnt offend me in a manner that I would want to go out and kick black ass but it does make me think about the actual motives and reasoning behind how scenes are done. I do think that some black porn stars and producers hate white people, both men and women so use that type of scene to show it. Seen a movie recent where Shane Diesel is fucking some white guys wife and again the white boy has a small pecker, while the white women looks on in amazement at Shane's brown cock Shane actually stands up and points to the door and says get out white boy.

Hall pass black dick

If that isnt trying to show racial dominance I dont know what is. It could be said that two same ethnic men could say the same i. Shane to mandingo and it would mean nothing but lets be honest you never see that in porn.

Many black men will not like this either. Sure a few will love it but they are just the fucking ignorant ones who keep this shit going. I dont want to see a white man do it to a black or anyone else, that does not belong in this society. You see the myth is just that Black guys basking in the glory of wanting white pussy are not helping themselves with this image.

People will see them as dirty players who just go around town with snakes fucking white slags and wonder why? I know black men who say they love tight white pussy yet they are MARRIED and come across as decent church going men and I have said behave yourself its not worth it, but they flirt and fuck about with the white women yet NEVER other black women!

Hall pass black dick

I have also posted a cracking story where I fucked a sexy Latina princess as I called her its a true story and I'm honest in it. Guys who know me here know for fact I love all races and all people, in fact I dont accept races as a term because we are one in my eyes but we tend to use it as its so widely used and acknowledged. Well I see no one has commented in my story, yet many views! I wonder if its because I mention in it, which is true and hence why I dont edit it out that she liked my white cock more than a black mans and you fuck better than a nigga? I reversed the role in that so far as I'm white dominating a girl with a huge cock when usually its blacks portrayed and the girl I was making ecstasy with said she was tired of shagging the blacks after sleeping with me.

So I guess its education education education. Many many times I hear sili girls and horny women crave black snake and comment on the size of the mamba and the black men fuck so good, use fingers like sewing machines and tongues like a lizard yet I know we are all EQUAL and have these abilities, hey I'm the fucking magician of love here with a cock so thick it can part open MILFs wide enough for a salute of respect but why should society think like this?

Got Mediterranean blood in me so possibly Arab and fuck knows what else in the mix and I have been told I look Lebanese, Greek, Southern Italian, Morocan etc etc and noticed women tend to look me over quite allot.

Hall pass black dick

Sure I'm good looking but my exotic looks I think play a role here. They say mixing blood i. As such behaviour that is done in porn could be unintential to some extent based on our actual behaviours inheritated from primordial times, with sex being the most raw emotion so they rise more.

Hall pass black dick

Good subject. If I went according to what I see in porn I would make the assumption that penis size goes like this: Asian, White, Hispanic, African American, the media follows suit with the same rhetoric. Now, even in a lie there is some truth. I do believe the biggest penis's I have ever seen is black men. Although I do not think there is a big difference in penis size overall, I do believe that the biggest penis I have seen belongs to a black man. The smallest penis I have even seen was an Asian. I have seen lots of average white cocks.

Hall pass black dick

I have seen a few average Hispanics. With that said it would make the myths have some truth to them. With THAT saidoverall, I know that blacks, whites and hispanics all fall around the " mark respectively. In the same averages we see about the same higher end statistics as well with very small s past the 7. Now, at the highest end of these surveys we find similar statistics with blacks and whites, 9. The low end, in all races lands about the 4" mark. Average, with all races falls right at about Red correct me if I am wrong 5.

Hall pass black dick

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