Gibson les paul custom pickups

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The Gibson Les Paul is a classic guitar, and from shape to feel to tone the guitar embodies what an electric guitar should be.

Gibson les paul custom pickups

Both guitars are some of the most popular models in the Gibson range, and indeed, among Les Pauls in general. The custom is older and more soaked in history, and Les Paul wanted to make a deluxe, premium version of the iconic guitar — and he succeeded. With both guitars having such a long and iconic history, and a very similar appearance, what makes the custom worth paying the extra dough for? Although this is largely aesthetic, there are also some important details under the hood that make the Custom worth forking out the extra dollars. The guitar has slowly evolved over time though, and Gibson has adapted the guitar to suit the needs of modern players.

The neck profile is a lot thinner than the iterations; the guitar is a fair bit lighter due to the modern weight relief system and has it modernistic locking tuners. All in all, the Les Paul Standard is a great guitar, a classic and iconic axe that retains the aesthetics of all those that came before it, with a modern twist that caters to modern players. It features a solid mahogany body with an AA figured maple top; the mahogany neck has a '60s-style SlimTaper profile.

Gibson les paul custom pickups

Loaded with a calibrated pair of BurstBucker 61 pickups and hand-wired controls, it's got a huge voice that's always ready to rock. Les Paul wanted a guitar made that looked like it was wearing a tuxedo, and the Les Paul Custom was born. This guitar is about as good as a Gibson gets, with all the furnishings and small but beautiful trimmings that make it worth the extra money.

It stays true to its heritage and has changed very little since its inception, but adds some unique features that are both eye-catching and iconic.

Gibson les paul custom pickups

The Custom has a touch of class that the Standard lacks, including a 7-ply binding on the front and back that beautifully outlines the contours of the guitar. It has a multi-bound hetock with the iconic diamond inlay — one of the most iconic and recognizable hetocks in the history of guitars. The Custom is largely handcrafted and finished and is made in a different factory than the standard too.

The Gibson Custom Shop is located in Nashville, where the guitars are made carefully by hand with a unique attention to detail, and this is a large part of what makes the Custom so much more expensive. While both the Standard and Custom offer the player unrivaled sustain the Les Paul basically invented it! This of course makes an already heavy guitar even heavier by modern standards, although the tone is worth the back pain!

Black nitro finish and multi-ply body binding provide this Black Beauty's "tuxedo" looks Lightweight aluminum stop tailpiece balances bite and sustain. Epiphone was once a standalone company that made some great guitars but was bought out by Gibson in They have since been sister companies, with Epiphone making more affordable, consumer-friendly versions of classic Gibson models. Epiphone makes its own versions of both the Les Paul Custom and the Standardand upon the first appearance, these guitars are very similar to the Gibsons.

The main aesthetic difference is the hetock: Epiphones have a more rounded wing-shaped hetock, whereas Gibson has the classic kicked up edges. From the wood used to the pickups and hardware, all the components are made to be budget-friendly and affordable to everyone while retaining the classic Les Paul aesthetic.

Gibson les paul custom pickups

Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro Electric Guitar Guitar Center Two Epiphone ProBucker humbucking pickups with coil-splitting deliver big slabs of the fat, warm tones, transcontinental sustain, and deep, soulful distortion that made this guitar famous. They are still very capable instruments used by professional musicians the world over, including the likes of Gary Clark and Noel Gallagher. In fact, some players prefer Epiphones over Gibsons!

They are ideal guitars for working, traveling musicians as they are rugged and reliable, and, most importantly, fairly easy to replace. One minor flaw concerning Epiphone Les Pauls that is worth pointing out is weight distribution: Epiphones tend to be unequally weighted toward the neck, causing them to annoyingly slide down while playing standing up. Standards are made with superior wood, pickups, and construction techniques, and backed up by one of the best names in the industry and when you buy a Gibson, there is no doubt you are buying one of the best guitars money can buy. Customs are the same, but with even more premium components and largely hand made, and buying a Custom is buying a piece of history.

Luckily, both guitars have excellent resale value. Customs especially will one day be worth more than you paid for them. After all, this is almost half the price of a decent brand new vehicle, so is there a notable increase in tone and playability?

Gibson les paul custom pickups

Well, it comes down to personal preference, but with a Custom, you are most definitely getting higher quality components like wood and pickups, assembled and built by hand by some of the best luthiers on the planet. Plus, they look and feel incredible, and it is arguably one of the best guitars money can buy. Not only that, but Customs have fantastic resale value, and so you really are buying a long-term investment. For all these reasons, if you have extra money, a Les Paul Custom is most definitely worth the money in our humble opinion. Answer: There has been an age-old battle between these two flagship guitars among players since their inception, and the Les Paul vs Stratocaster battle will likely always rage on.

However, there is no winner, nor will there ever be; both guitars are great, but each has its own unique sound and feel that appeal to different types of players. In terms of playability, a Les Paul does have a lower string tension overall than a Strat due to the shorter scale lenght, in theory making them easier to play on with the same gauge of strings. Answer: Les Pauls are known to be back-breaking guitars, especially compared to the ultra-light Fender Stratocaster. Les Pauls typically have mahogany slab bodies that are large and thick with a maple cap glued to the top, making them able to resonate and provide incredible tone but making them extremely heavy.

Some models have cavities routed into the bodies to take off some of the weight, but of curse, this comes with a small sacrifice in tone too. Both of these iconic guitars from Gibson are powerhouses, and there is little to fault with either model barring the back-breaking weight!

Gibson les paul custom pickups

The Gibson Standard Les Paul is a capable, beautiful, and great sounding instrument that is worth every penny. The modern additions like the locking tuners, switchable pickups, and lighter body make subtle yet welcome additions to a classic de, and the guitar can hold its own with any other on the planet. It has all the things that make a Les Paul so playable and is handmade and hand-finished by luthiers whose sole job is to make custom Gibsons, so you know you are getting one of the best Gibsons you could possibly own.

If you have the money, the Les Paul Custom is an incredibly beautiful guitar, but the Standard is by no means a major downgrade! Main Differences Between Gibson Custom vs Gibson Standard The main differences between the Gibson Custom vs Gibson Standard are: Gibson Custom has a one-piece mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard, whereas Gibson Standard has an asymmetrical slim-taper neck with a rosewood fingerboard featuring a compound radius.

Gibson les paul custom pickups

Gibson Custom is loaded with slightly lower output R neck pickup with Alnico II magnet and T bridge pickup, whereas the Gibson Standard is fitted with fairly standard Burstbucker Pro bridge and neck pickups. Gibson Custom has a solid mahogany body with hand carved maple top, whereas Gibson Standard has a one-piece mahogany body ith a book-matched maple top.

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Kyle Baker. One-piece mahogany body, book-matched flame maple top, a set, one-piece mahogany neck, bound rosewood fingerboard, acrylic fretboard markers, medium frets, Tektoid nut. One-piece mahogany body, two-piece figured maple top, 7-ply binding, one-piece mahogany neck, inch radius fretboard, medium jumbo frets, nylon nut.

Gibson les paul custom pickups

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