German shepherds for sale illinois

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Our world-class German Shepherd bloodlines stem from the top 2 kennels in the world, producing dogs of sound mind and sound body here in Spring Grove, Illinois, just outside Chicago. Take a look our litters to see the most up to date information and to arrange a viewing of our puppies at our premises in Spring Grove, Illinois. We're also accepting deposits on our new litters due end of Summer Find all of the latest info on our puppies.

Dogs for Special Needs. Let us help you find the perfect companion for your needs. We are a family-owned and operated business with roots back to We raise, breedtrainand board dogs on our state-of-the-art facility here in Spring Grove, Illinois. Our dogs at Regis Regal travel the world and are required to be outstanding examples of what the German Shepherd dog should be at its highest and finest levels in both temperament and anatomy.

We produce West-German sieger dogs. Here at Regis Regal German Shepherds we have over 30 years experience of breeding German Shepherds and providing a very high standard of dog training. We specialize in family companion dogs, and our dogs are used for children with Autism and Aspergers.

We also provide dogs for epileptic and diabetic detection, as well the hearing impaired. Our dogs also serve as companions to veteransand we work closely with VA hospitals to provide dogs who assist with PTSD and anxiety. A large of our dogs are also competitors and working schutzhund dogs. We make use of a private courier service to pick up and deliver our dogs.

German shepherds for sale illinois

We're very mindful to ensure the dogs are completely happy throughout the delivery! If we think you're the right match for one of our dogs we can deliver them to you wherever you are based in the US. All of our dogs come with a lifetime guarantee on health, temperament, and training.

Our dogs are gentle and attentive and have dispositions perfect for family companionship or special needs. Puppies come with comprehensive training included, along with a full year of shots. A list of individual dogs accomplishments include Va Winnie, Va Ollie, V1 Saint and many dogs involved in the 6xwinner of the progeny group competition. Regis Regal German Shepherds have also worked in many different areas of public service, such as patrol dogs, search and rescue dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, bomb detection, narcotic detection, and even arson dogs.

German shepherds for sale illinois

We took home our pup and have had only good thoughts and things to say since we left. Cindy shared so much time and knowledge with us before we left. Axle just turned two years old and will be an important part of my kids lives as they grow up. We partner with VA hospitals to provide outstanding service dogs for U. We work closely with them in order to train our dogs to assist veterans with PTSD, anxiety, and more.

Cindy Kelly loves to share her expertise on breeding, training and raising world class German Shepherds. When she has time she publishes articles on the Regis Regal blog - you can find some of her most recent ones listed below. If you would like to hear Cindy's thoughts on any particular element of owning or raising German Shepherds then feel free to get in touch.

We make use of a high quality, private courier service to deliver our dogs where a customer is unable to come to our premises in Illinois. Los Angeles. New Jersey. Regis Regal German Shepherds in Illinois has proudly been in the business of raising, training, and breeding of some of the finest German Shepherds in North America for 25 years. Facebook Youtube Instagram. North America's Finest German Shepherds: Today. Name First Last. World-Class German Shepherd Breeder. Boarding Stud Service Lifetime Training.

View Our Current Litters.

German shepherds for sale illinois

Manni is a 13 month old male that has been hand raised by me from birth. He is a perfect addition as either a family companion, Estate dog, Therapy or will be finished as a Service dog. German Shepherd Breeding. All our puppies come with a lifetime guarantee. Our Puppies. Comprehensive Dog Training. We utilize a German-based positive approach to train any breed of dog. Dog Training. Dog Boarding. Our Shepherds can be trained for a variety of public service needs. Our facilities in Spring Grove, IL. See Our Current German Shepherds. Regis Regal is a national and international competitor, earning the highest rankings and respect in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany as well as other European countries.

As featured in. Client Testimonials. Jennifer S. Nicole E. Todd C. View our Veterans Dogs .

German shepherds for sale illinois

Cindy's Latest Articles. What is the Rarest Color of German Shepherd? By Cindy Kelly October 15, By Cindy Kelly September 17, If you are like most dog owners, you see the love and…. Most German Shepherds enjoy comfortable lives, are treated well and get plenty…. Trending States Based on their Interest in our World-Class German Shepherds We make use of a high quality, private courier service to deliver our dogs where a customer is unable to come to our premises in Illinois.

German shepherds for sale illinois

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