Cuckold blog stories

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Cuckold Blog The real life stories of cuckolds and their hot wives adventures Cuckold Blog. Shemale Sex Games. Cuck personals. Cuckold Pics. My name is Dave and my girlfriend's name is Nicole. We've been dating since college and are now in our late twenties. We live together in a small apartment and have a mostly normal life. We're both incredibly kinky but our sex life has always been a bit awkward to be honest.

We're both very submissive and uncomfortable taking the lead with each other. Over time though, we've gotten into exhibitionism which led to some crazy experiences recently. Our exhibitionist kink started online. We were on a video chat through an adult online site. We saw a lot of dicks as you might expect which got us both a bit horny.

Eventually, I showed my dick as well and Nicole showed her boobs. Our faces were cropped out but it was still thrilling for both of us and led immediately to our best sex ever. We hopped on the video chats several more times thereafter, showing more and more of our bodies each time.

By our fourth or fifth meeting, both Nicole and I were getting completely naked and showing off on our webcam to complete strangers. Most of the guys were very complementary to Nicole and jerked their cocks as she stripped for them. I was a third wheel in the interaction most of the time but some of the guys would acknowledge me. There was an undeniable humiliation though whenever I revealed my smaller than average dick and the other guy responded by whipping out his porn star quality gigantic cock.

We met a young man with who my wife openly flirted. She told me she thought he was really hot and asked if we could invite him back home with us.

Cuckold blog stories

While I was a little surprised I have to admit the idea held a certain appeal for me. I had always imagined watching my wife with another man, but never thought it would happen. My wife invited the guy to follow us home and we were off. Once at home, the guy was super cool but he told us he wanted sex with my wife and would allow for me to be in the room and to watch as long as I remained fully dressed.

He said he enjoyed a cuckolded husband watching him as he satisfied a hotwife. As he spoke, it all seemed completely surreal. I never imagined myself as a cuckold or my wife as a hotwife. But, at the moment the definitions seemed to be fitting. He told my wife to come and sit with him.

Cuckold blog stories

I prepared us all a drink and watched as this stranger's hand reached up inside my wife's shirt feeling her tits. LeahAnn's shirt came off pretty quickly followed by her bra. I looked and my wife's nipples were hard as steel, letting me know she was fully stimulated. There was some heavy kissing while he played with her tits and she fumbled with his pants.

I saw the expression on her face as she got his pants open and grasped his cock for the first time.

Cuckold blog stories

I heard my wife say, "You are so big. Once my wife stood, he pushed her shorts and panties down over her hips and had her completely naked standing in our living room with the window blinds wide open for all our neighbors to see what was happening if they looked. Lee told me to go in and get the bed ready for him to take my wife, he told me to leave the blinds open and to pull them up so that everything was open to anyone who wanted to look.

Cuckold blog stories

I did as he instructed and when I returned to the living room, LeahAnn was bent over the back of our couch as Lee spread her cheeks and told her to beg him for his cock to be inside her. Lee picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and told me to leave and shut the door. He told me he would call me to come to watch after he brought my wife to her first climax.

It doesn't seem long, but we really hit it off. It felt like I had known her my whole life. We met through work and became very good friends, but we were both in relationships. That didn't last very long. Soon we were newly single and flirting, hard. Trish made the first move when we agreed to have drinks together after our shift. Two or three drinks in, she sat on my lap and that was it. We started making out and the rest is history. Our next date was Netflix and chill, she immediately started giving me head when I sat down.

We hadn't even seen the opening credits!

Cuckold blog stories

God, she was skilled too. I don't even remember what the movie was about. I've been told I'm pretty cute and never had a problem with getting women. Trish was attractive and had a smile that could brighten the room.

She was quiet but very witty; a bold introvert. She was an extremely dedicated women in life and relationship, she was always working out and staying healthy, keeping up with her work, very motivated. She was the whole package, I was totally in love. The story begins with a festival trip, something we did regularly over the summer in places where they were more open. We were both music lovers, so we planned festival trips around the country early in the spring. We had a few buddies that came along with us to the closer ones, we would drink and smoke our fill and I'd watch her shake her ass in her tight short silver shorts in front of a sunset.

Every once in a while, I'd notice concert patrons and even my friends watching with me. I've never been very jealous, and I didn't mind. She liked the attention, even if she didn't want to show it, I could see her glance at people watching and grin. She's accomplished, invested, and generally takes care of business. We fell in vanilla love HARD and could not figure out why.

She is pretty in my eyes which admittedly made the honeymoon phase easy. Our sex was disgusting and she already wasn't holding back. I brought up cuckolding about 6 months in and more out an absolute love for looking at her. I asked "do you have pictures with other guys in your phone," while we were baked and a little drunk in bed. All solo stuff, just her but seeing her scroll through the sexting to find them was making me lightheaded I was so horny. I'd kiss her and watch her scroll to another photo. Then it happened, she passed a video. I stopped her and made her scroll back but she fought me and pushed the phone in her chest.

I kissed her and begged. I knew what I was begging for. I knew what was likely in the video. She smiled and half overted her face while holding the phone up just for me. It was the only thing I could see under the blanket glowing at 3 in the morning. I hit play. My wife is We've been married 12 years. We have been unable to have. I have put on about 50 pounds over the course of our marriage, and I honestly believe my dick has gotten smaller over that time too. It wasn't that big to start with, about six or so.

Our love life is practically nonexistent, although my wife does try to initiate sex pretty often. I just haven't been that horny lately. Before my birthday last year we talked about spicing things up in the bedroom and I said how about a three-way with another girl. To my surprise my wife was down with it. One condition: that she get a three-way of her choice on her birthday. We looked online for a while but couldn't really connect up.

She said her friend Marie might be into it. I didn't think she would be, but then she did. She's really cute, nice bod, in her 30s, recently divorced, one. I didn't think it was real. I started jacking off like crazy thinking about it. Then on my birthday I had too much to drink cause I was so freakin nervous and when we started fooling around I lost my erection.

I had both Marie and my wife naked in the bed, and Marie wanted to get fucked in the worst way. I just couldn't get it up for anything. When I'm soft like that my dick is tiny like a baby's, literally. She kept trying to suck it and jack it and push it into her pussy but it just wouldn't work. I apologized. She sighed a really long sigh, got dressed, and left. Jeez I felt like a loser. Bull here! I wanted to relay a story to everyone and bring up an idea I had.

Cuckold blog stories

The first couple I ever experienced was extremely fun! They were pretty religious and so they didn't have a whole lot of experience with others as far as sex was concerned. In fact, they had only ever had sex with each other. However, one day it was brought up that before they met she had made out with a guy and he had touched her boobs.

Never saw them, but went up her shirt and played with them. He got annoyed with this, since she was the only one he'd ever done anything remotely sexual with, and it led to several fights between them over the next few months. Over time he realized he couldn't stop thinking about how there was another guy out there that knew what his wife's boobs felt like. It was a mix of emotions, anger, jealousy, etc. But the one emotion that he just couldn't get rid of was arousal. Every time he thought of this he would get more turned on. She is super hot and turns he whenever we go out in public.

Cuckold blog stories

Her flirty and fun loving personality doesn't help either. I was never afraid of her cheating on me though. It was more inconvenient than anything Over time, it became a turn on for me watching her get hit on and I could even start to discern the guys she really liked from the guys she was just being nice to. It wasn't a physical attribute though. She loved when a stranger walked straight up to her and shot his shot. One experience that was quite memorable was when we were in a boutique clothing store.

The owner brought out several and made Amanda try them all on.

Cuckold blog stories

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