Control freak signs relationships

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A control freak will never really know that they are a controlling person. Instead, they will consider themselves to be the perfectionist. In the name of constructive criticism, they will demean others. They will always be hoping for negative outcomes and will never expect positive. They will be under the impression that they are giving their best and it is only the others who are unable to appreciate it. Being in a relationship with a control freak is a big challenge, they will make you believe that whatever was done was out of love.

So, even when you feel something is wrong in the relationship, you will never really know what the real problem is. You need to use psychology when in a relationship with a control freak to understand their true self. Here are ten s for you to interpret the personality of your special someone and know for sure that you are dating a control freak. A post shared by Make. Being connected with your friends and family will be a complication. You will find yourself mostly lonely; you will never have any relationship other than what you have with your control freak.

You will not have a shoulder to cry upon or any moral support if your partner feels threatened. Your special someone might turn you against them by finding faults which are of no value. Stripping you of any moral support makes it easier for them to have a strong control over you. So, if you find yourself slowly developing hatred towards your family or friends, chances are you are getting trapped in your partner's controlling personality.

If this is the psychology of your partner, then it is better to rethink your relationship. Let's run away to a far off land, Come my friend I'll take you. New hearts shall meet, New souls will combine. From the chaos of the world, Escaping and never returning. To find peace and harmony, To find trust and love.

Finding yourself, rebuilding yourself, We will change for the good. To forget the past, To live in the present. With only the memories of a sore heart, Let's go find out future. To do better in life, To make his mistakes disappear. For finding a new dream, Your old was left with him. To play a new part, to speak new dialogues, Let's go away to be a part of a new play. To make sure we're not sick and we cure, To be independent without him caring for. To forget his face and style, To start a new happy and lively lifestyle.

To recreate a ruined past, In order to turn it into a beautiful future. Let's run away to a far off land, Only to vanish and disappear from everyone's life. Be absent. When in a relationship, if you find yourself constantly being blamed for your mistakes, chances are you are dating a control freak. Relationships are supposed to make you feel better not miserable. By making you feel guilty your partner might get a stronger hold on you. You might get an urge to do better to keep your relationship to grow stronger. Your partner might blame you for everything even if it was not your fault; you will be held responsible for it.

Your partner will never accept any their mistakes but blame you instead, which is much easier for them to do. If you are in this kind of a relationship, then you are dating a control freak. It is quite normal to get possessive and be jealous of your dear one when in love. But, if your partner seems to be extremely possessive or jealous then chances are you are dating a control freak. Being possessive and jealous are s of your partner's insecurities, this is the reason that there is always a constant need for your partner to control. Your controlling partner might not be able to accept the fact that you are getting attached to someone else.

This will create a panic in them as they are insecure and they feel vulnerable when you bond with the other. So, they might hurt and make you feel bad for not paying proper attention to your special someone but for having a great time with your friend. If this is the personality of your dear one, odds are you are dating a control freak. A controlling person will emotionally exploit you by playing mind games with you. You might not even be aware that you are being manipulated. Your partner might easily gain your trust by simple manipulation. Your partner might use your weakness against you.

They will make you believe that all their choices are the best and that you can blindly go by their words, even when it causes you a lot of trouble. This personality is very tricky to handle. To understand that you are being manipulated takes time for you to realize, but you need to be wise.

Your friends or family might easily identify your manipulating partner, but it takes time for to truly understand your relationship. Even when you confront your control freak, they might give you justifications that might seem to be valid, but you need to be wise to truly understand their intentions. Relationships are supposed to make you feel powerful and cheerful, but if your partner tries to cripple you, then it is a major that you are dating a control freak.

A control freak might try and belittle you, your views, ideas and beliefs will be treated as crazy. They might be meaning to weaken you, so to make you believe that you have deserved someone better and that you need to work hard to keep your relationship alive. The psychology of control freak is to make you feel unworthy; the bar will always be raised. All your work achievements or other great works will never be appreciated but criticized.

This, in turn, makes them feel powerful and they feel safe when they have someone to direct and lead them completely. This is one of the biggest s that you are dating a control freak. I didn't deserve this, Neither the hurt, nor the pain, You were my mistake, All I want is to forget you and your name. Nobody stays in our life forever, You made sure that I learnt this lesson, Yet you promised, And gave me hope to stay for a thousand years, you aren't a person. Sweet love doesn't exist, All I faced was sorrow, My smile wasn't mine anymore, Yet I woke up each day for a greater tomorrow.

I lost you, But more than that I can't find myself, You believed the physical reality, Stare in the darkness of my eyes, look for yourself. I hope you never have to face what I faced, You won't be able to tackle the same, I was just another trial for you, I hope you aren't treated like that by anyone, your gain. Couldn't you see it killing me?

Gradually, I started staying aloof, Making it difficult for me to wake up everyday, With no tears left, I thought while I sat on the roof. Missing you was the usual, But now I just miss myself, What a gem I was, with great value, Beautiful with those perfect imperfections. Baby, what have you done? You proudly ruined it all, All I want now, is for you to go away, I guess this is moving on, I promise I'm gonna work it out. Your controlling partner might never be able to agree with you. They might always find a reason to say that they were right and that your choices were bad. They will argue in a way that you will find it easier to accept than to argue.

They always have a constant urge to be right at all times. It will drive them crazy to be wrong even if it was for one single time; so, they will never agree with you. They can never be team players rather they prefer to lead and direct. You need to be heard when in the relationships.

But if you feel that you have no voice or your opinions can never be raised, chances are you are in a controlling relationship. If this is the psychology of your controlling partner, it is high time you rethink your options. When in a relationship valuing each other's personal space is very important.

When there is a need to know everything in your life then it creates trouble. Relationships grow as long as the couples have their own space.

Being in love doesn't mean you to be around each other at all times. But if your controlling partner thinks they have the right to question or know everything about you, then your relationship is heading for trouble. There might be a different set of rules for you and your partner. Your partner might hang out with their friends, but when you try to some alone time and hang out with your friends, then you are in major trouble. Your controlling partner might make you feel guilty for not spending time with them. If these are the characteristics of your better half, probably you are a dating a control freak.

We all start as strangers, But we just don't sense the danger. Fall so hard, we break our bones, Ruin our heart, turn it into a stone. Compromises made, we've sacrificed. Prices made, mistakes never rectified. Learnt our less now, A perfect charm, broken now, don't know how. Promises broken, secrets kept, Shockingly awaken, we sat and wept. All stares gone, compliments forgotten, those lies then begun, Wishes then thrown, yet hoped for survival in the long run. Became friends again, we made a compromise, For one a gain, but against the other's choice.

Friend to bestfriends, or will we be acquaintances, Now marking an end, washed off all the memorable instances. Now clueless about what the future may hold, We were told to be fearless and bold. We were unstoppable, now we came to a halt, Who was responsible?

Who was at fault? Unanswered questions.

Control freak signs relationships

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