Carnival triumph forum

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Carnival triumph forum

Disney Wonder Vs Carnival Triumph. Thread starter narsibvl Start date Jul 11, ed Oct 14, Index Introductions and the beginning Pre cruise preparation, registration and booking A confession to make After two blissful years I finally strayed.

To be more specific, the Triumph, out of Galveston. I figured I would do a comparison between the Triumph and my personal favorite, The Wonder. First the statistics. ed May 4, We were on the December MR sailing with your family. I look forward to reading your comparison. I hope you write about how kid appropriate the entertainment on Carnival is compared to the shows on the Wonder. That is the main reason we hesitate to try another cruise line. Pre cruise preparation, registration and booking I had done a four day cruise out of port Canaveral to Bahamas and the weeklong Mexican Rivera out of LA.

Our Carnival venture was born out of the fact that the kids were not going with me this time. Also, I felt it was high time I get a feel for the other cruise lines. Itinerary selection Carnival has 25 ships while Disney has 4. This meant I could select the port that I want to sail out of and the chances of getting the itinerary that I wanted was more. This also helps in keeping your vacation cost to a minimum. Sailing Cost Let begin at the beginning, Disney occupies a niche segment in the cruise industry while Carnival strives to reach the masses.

So it was a no brainer that the Carnival cost was way better than that of Disney. Carnival wins hands down in this department. Pre Cruise Documents There is something really romantic about getting the cruise documents in the mail.

Carnival triumph forum

For us it has been one more stage of our vacation and a chance to get even more excited. I badly missed that experience this time around. Disney does that and Carnival does not.

Carnival triumph forum

Of course, this is one of the ways I guess Carnival keeps the price down. You have to print your documents and your luggage tag. Do not expect anything by mail.

Carnival triumph forum

The luggage printed out meant, I had to laminate it and attach zip tags to it so that they would survive the handling by the porters. I did notice quite a few people who had stapled the paper directly on to the luggage, not sure how safe it is and I also did notice a few luggage tags lying around on the floor. Disney saves you all these troubles. Online registration and on-shore excursions There is not a whole lot of difference between the online registration for Disney and Carnival. Both were equally painless.

The excursions too were very similar. They had excursions of varying difficulties and there were quite a few to choose from in all the ports. This factor, I would say, is a tie. Quagmire Earning My Ears. ed Feb 20, There is nothing I can write that is positive about the Triumph and Carnival cruise line or as I like to call them, "the Wal-mart of cruise lines" Just my opinion as well as my families opinion.

Carnival triumph forum

Quagmire said:. I do understand that this feature depends a lot on the facilities of the port that ship sails out of and so not a whole lot of this should be attributed to the cruise line itself, but while it took us a minimum of 1 hour to board when it came to Port Canaveral or San Pedro, the time it took us from check-in to the buffet line in Carnival was max 40 minutes, considering the fact that we had Non-US citizens with us for the carnival trip this was quite a breeze.

The Welcome I have to mention this. What makes Disney a niche service is their ability to make you feel important and special and that starts the minute you step foot in their ship. The first time I heard our names announced as a part of their welcome address, I felt special. On our second trip when I heard it, I felt like I was back on my ship. This is what Disney is good at, helping you make memories. I missed that badly in the Triumph. You step into the wonder and you feel like you have stepped into the Queen palace, you feel royal.

The Triumph feel more like Las Vegas, you feel high. It is your pick. Personally, I feel both has its place in a vacation. Lunch Buffet The buffet in general in both the Wonder and Triumph was much the same. They were for the most part like any other buffets.

Nothing to write home about. The Lido buffet in Triumph mirrors that of the beach blanket buffet. The one part that was sorely missing was the outdoor sitting in the Triumph. That was the highlight of the Wonder. Wonder too does have their sit down options so I guess it should be the same. Apart from the Lido buffet, they have a separate station for Asian food.

The highlight of this station was it was open from AM to PM. The stations on the top deck close by then and your only option then is to wait for the BBB to open for dinner or go to your deated dinner restaurant. This was never the case with the Triumph. At any point of time food was available at one of the restaurants. The Staterooms The Disney ships were built ground up with families in mind. The size of a Disney stateroom was bigger than the average size of the other cruise lines. The Triumph stateroom dwarfs in comparison to the Wonder. They have managed to include quite a bit of storage space and cram all the necessary amenities in the limited space of their cabins.

I thought they had more storage place than the wonder. The complimentary toiletries on the Wonder were far better in quality when compared to the Triumph. I guess another area where the extra money you pay gets put to use. Sail Away Party The sail away part on the Wonder was one of the first chances for the kids and those who are still kids to greet the rat pack of characters.

The Sail away part on the Triumph was nothing to write about. Housekeeping The Disney ships are known for the service, and been used to those standards; I thought there was a clear difference between the kind of service you receive on the Wonder when compared to the service you receive on the Triumph.

Dinner The Rotation of restaurants for the Disney ships is one of a kind and does really lend itself to the uniqueness of the trip. I wish the other cruise line adopt this process. Sitting at the same table in the same restaurant gets old soon. I noticed the attendance at dinner on the Triumph falling off as days went by. The biggest reason was the fact that dinner was about food and only about food. Dinner in the Disney ships was more.

Carnival triumph forum

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