Broken tablet sell

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The thrill of unboxing it, charging it up and using it for the first time, and then figuring out how to use the device. Does it just sit in your drawer gathering dust? The thing is, often those old, unused and sometimes broken electronics are still worth some money to someone. This past week while continuing to unpack and declutter at our new house, I decided to sell a couple of old electronic devices that I had sitting around the house cluttering things up.

A couple of them were still working but were unused. One of them, my old Nexus tablet, was working to a degree but had a cracked screen. I decided to see if I could get any money out of them. Here are the top 10 or more places that I found where you can sell your old, unused or broken devices.

Broken tablet sell

Some companies will have retail locations that you can go to and get your device fixed — have a screen replaced, get a new battery installed, etc. Other companies like Puls will come to you and fix your device at your location. They can fix issues ranging from a faulty headphone plug, broken power button, to giving you a new Bluetooth radio or screen. Usually, the cost you pay to get it fixed before you sell will be outweighed by its increase in value. Something to consider.

Broken tablet sell

One of the best places to do that in my experience is Square Trade as the costs are typically pretty reasonable and they cover things like drops and spills:. Another thing to consider is that a lot of credit cards will offer extended warranty protection just for using their card. For example, I bought a GPS years ago that my credit card added a second year of warranty onto — which came in handy when it stopped working.

You might be sitting on hundreds of dollars in savings, just by switching services, or asking for a discount with your current provider. It pays to look around, get quotes at a few different sites, and see what you can get for them. Another item I found I could get the best return by selling on eBay. All three of the items had no trade-in value when I looked at the popular trade-in sites like Gazelle and NextWorth. Typically it seems your devices have to be relatively new and popular, like iP and iPhones.

The tablet had come flying out of its case while I was walking through a parking lot, and landed screen down on the asphalt.

Broken tablet sell

The screen cracked and the touchscreen was inoperable. After doing some research I found that there was an active marketplace for repairable items on eBay where people will buy broken electronics and repair them. Not too bad for a broken tablet that would have just sat in a drawer. I got rid of the broken tablet, and someone else gets a DIY project. I looked at a bunch of places to either trade-in or sell my Android cell phone.

After using it for a month or two I switched to the free mobile broadband offered via another provider called FreedomPop. The new device was the exact same device, also using the Sprint network. Freedompop is no longer in business. I have a feeling it will sell for close to what I paid for it.

Just goes to show, the sooner you sell something the better off you are. Selling your old electronic devices can mean cash in your pocket. The last item I sold was a newer device and is still being sold new by the mobile network — but since quite a few others popped up in the marketplace, the sales price ended up being lower than hoped.

Have you tried selling old electronics online? What sites have you used, and how successful have you been? Decluttr is a website and app that can turn your old electronics, books, media and even Legos into cash. Here's a review of Decluttr. If you covet a new smartphone, selling your old device can help to offset the cost of a new one.

Here's where you can sell…. Here are the essential things to know if you're going to try and sell your things on Craigslist to make some extra money. Peter Anderson is a Christian, husband to his beautiful wife Maria, and father to his 2 children. He loves reading and writing about personal finance, and also enjoys a good board game every now and again.

You can find out more about him on the about. Don't forget to say hi on PinterestTwitter or Facebook! That money is now earmarked for a Note 3 My husband sold an old cell phone a couple weeks ago through a Facebook yard sale group. I have an entire article coming out next week about how FB yard sale groups work. Feel free to get a quote and compare pricing today! That is the one concern that would have me keeping it in a drawer rather than selling it for a few bucks. Go to your settings,select factory setup or reset all settings, some have erase all content and settings.

The red power light turns on so theres power to it but the screen stays black i want to ser if i can se it as is? Still in the box. Remote included…. I sold mine on gadgetscouter. Any ideas? Were do you live, would this be a pick up only or will I need able to pay fo shipping.

I have a few electronics that I want to sell but first I need some info. I have some electronics that do not work such a digital camera that has a broken chip inside, a all in one printer that the ink tank that holds the ink cartridges is broke, and portable dvd player that the batteries no longer works.

Can I still sell these items for cash???? Everything else is great condition. I have one 50 inch flat screen Samsung tv for sell wit a cracked sceen but evertthing els work on the tv. It power up sound is good just no pitcher. I got a 55 inch vizio sound works bit inside screen cracked picture is black with lines its a smart tv with wifi.

O have 55 inch smart TV with crack in it can still see picture trying to sell also a 43 inch led flat screen trying to sell together will take anything please. Try tradeupcashout. I have a energystar hdtv hitachi ultravision tv about 60 inches and the lamp light and fan light are on so i am interested in letting it go rather than fix it since i know nothing about fixining tvs any suggestions?

How much u want for it? I have a Sony TV that picture shows but is a bit blurred and has lines going through it… Would you be interested in that?

Broken tablet sell

Where could I sell it just bought it. I have used techpayout. I got a top dollar quote and the check showed up a week later. Good luck and God bless! I have 2 50in flat screen tv… both broke One Just needs LED bolbs its 75 to fix its a Sony bariva 50in if anyone interested. It has I the screen cranked in the top right hand corner. Everything else working. Looking to get rid of it ASAP. I also have a 47 inch lg tv powers on but screen is black-told it was the mother board. Finally set it up 4 months later, and upon turning it on for the first time, saw the whole internal screen was cracked, which caused white bubbles to appear on screen.

V by Hisense that I want to sell or trade. Was given the t. Never opened it out of the box. In the process of packing and moving the t. Was damaged.

Broken tablet sell

Appears to be the LCD; the screen is fine on the outside, everything works, but when tornado on the broken LCD displays lines across the screen. Looking to sell or trade. I have two broken TV. One is a 36inch and thr other is a 60 inc. The screen are broken. How do I sale them? Any suggestions? I have a 47 inch samsung tv that is cracked in a few places and it does not work. Anybody interested?

Where should I sell or recycle them? I have lots of tvs that have cracked screens. I have a 50 inch samsung tv, its working and screen not broken, it turns on but showing lines on the screen — let me know if your interested.

Broken tablet sell

You forgot to mention ekbuyers. You can compare prices to other trade-in sites and get the best payout. Want to sell it. Please make offer. Canon does not sell it. Any hints that might help? OK friends, need your advice. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I have a 47in. Any idea where to sell? Hi Peter! Excellent post. I am currently selling my iPhone to fund my upgrade and was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of options. Similar to Gazelle from what I can see but they offer an extended warranty. I sold my iPhone 7 and received a great amount back.

I used that payout to buy a iPhone 8 directly from them. Their customer service was present and attentive every step during this process. Only wished they sell in the US. I luckily found a way to have one of my family members in Ontario complete the entire process. That family member had personally shipped it me.

Broken tablet sell

Everything inside good it got dropped two montgs after purchase. Hello all, I was fed up with getting lowballed for my used devices so I decided to build a site that offers you a fair value for your device that beats all these competitors prices.

Broken tablet sell

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