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Jump to content. Harry Yeide. Fighting Patton: George S. Patton Jr. Through the Eyes of His Enemies. Zenith Press. He expressed his aversion to fixed positions in graphic fashion: After having found some slit trenches around a command post in Tunisia meant to protect it from air attacks, he asked the commanding officer, Terry Allen, to show him his, whereupon he promptly urinated into it.

Now try to use it. His favored approach was the oblique one: Hold them by the nose and kick them in the rear, which in more polite textbook terms translates into pinning the enemy while the tanks attack his flanks. Patton saw tanks as upgraded cavalry, infinitely more powerful, whose deep penetrations could collapse enemy lines.

If generals knew less tactics, they would interfere less. The advantage of this way of operating is that it makes for speed, initiative, and flexibility, allowing the officer on the spot to adjust to the rapidly changing situation of the battlefield and to exploit sudden opportunities. This he did by sending out his staff officers to the front line units. Often he would go and have a look-see himself.

Through the Eyes of his Enemies sets out to do. On the benefits of this method, Yeide quotes British military historian Basil H. For instead of being minimized, the picture is magnified, with startling vividness. Thus when Patton was under a cloud for having slapped two shell-shocked soldiers in Sicily, the army sent him on the a well-publicized tour around the Mediterranean to Corsica, Malta, and Cairo: The idea was to mask the fact that the Seventh Army was being transferred from Sicily to England, but there are no indications that German intelligence attached any great ificance to these visits.

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To the Germans, he says, Patton was just one of many threats. Yeide does not rule out his inclusion from a later version now missing, but anyway, such papers were standard products with the all services, from which nothing much can be inferred. What is ificant, however, he notes, is that the German High Command did not identify Patton as the commander of this fake U. They never raised his name in the context of worthy strategists. He quotes General Gunther Blumentritt:. We regarded general Patton extremely highly as the most aggressive panzer-general of the Allies. His operations impressed us enormously, probably because he came closest to our own concept of the classical military commander.

From the standpoint of a tank specialist, I must congratulate him on his victory since he acted as I would have done had I been in his place. Neither had George Patton. Coinciding with the Battle of Kursk was the Allied invasion of Sicily. In Normandy, the Germans were again defending.

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On August 1Patton, finally back in good graces after the slapping incidents, had been given command of the Third Army, and played the starring role in the American breakout at Avranches. All the way towards the frontier, the Americans faced delaying tactics, courtesy of General Kurt von der Chevallerie, a veteran of the fighting around Kiev.

In the face of shattered communications, tremendous losses, constant retreating, and practically no air support, the enemy still maintained overall control of his tactical situation. He constantly fell back, but there was no mass collapse. At every critical point, he stubbornly defended and delayed. Of these, Yeide singles out General Hermann Balck, who performed the kind of flexible defense he had practiced in Russia on the Chir river. This view was most starkly presented by John Ellis in Brute Forcea comprehensive assessment of the Allied effort in World War II against Germany and Japan, which, in passing, reduces Patton to some sort of a glorified traffic cop.

Here is the story of the Normandy campaign in a nutshell. Add skilled public relations and a press hungry for heroes, and you had the circumstance so propitious that even Montgomery and Patton could seem like great commanders. Patton once again would attack his enemy when the other fellow was switching to his back foot.

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Like Ellis, Yeide emphasizes that in no way does this detract from the men who sacrificed life and limb in the Allied cause. And at no point is there a hint of glorification of the German side, only a clinical assessment of its fighting abilities.

Yeide scrupulously registers the crimes of people like Max Simon, who killed 10, civilians in Kharkov when with the Totenkopf division in Russia, and who helped massacre a further 2, civilians at Marzabotto, Italy. Unfortunately, Nazi war criminals could be quite effective on the battlefield.

H ow would the Patton corner respond? It is a fact that while the Germans had long prepared for war, the Roosevelt administration had to scramble to build an army in a hurry. This meant greener troops and a less experienced officer corps. It is also a fact that since the Civil War, America has relied on overwhelming firepower to win its wars. But as participants, the Germans could hardly be expected to be unbiased observers of their own defeat.

At this stage of the war, Hitler was busy promoting committed Nazi officers in the belief that they would put up a more stubborn defense. Such people would surely have found it easier to blame their defeat on an enemy relying on raw industrial might than to acknowledge his fighting skills. Yeide, like Ellis, does mention that some former Wehrmacht officers later upgraded their views of Patton, which he ascribes partly to a cooling of passions, partly as an attempt to curry favor when Germany ed nato. A of retired Wehrmacht generals became nato consultants.

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This may be so, but at least this cannot be said of Erwin Rommel, who was forced by Hitler to commit suicide in October Unfortunately, as a result of the slapping incidents in Sicily, the less gifted officer was calling the shots. As to the element of luck, Patton, like Napoleon, believed that luck was an essential element in the make-up up of a great commander.

But one reason Patton was lucky was due to his meticulous planning; another was his intuition. Thus Blumenson stresses his uncanny ability to be in the right spot at the right time, and his instinctive feel for when something was up, perhaps best illustrated in the days leading up to the final German offensive. His intelligence section was reporting enemy activity in the Ardennes, and Patton seems to have grasped its ificance sooner than others.

But interestingly enough, on the main point that the Germans were the more effective soldiers, Patton would almost certainly agree himself excluded, of course. As Yeide writes, in contrast to his public statements, his diary and letters often deplore the lack of initiative of his troops. Yet he kept goading, pulling, and willing his troops on to victory.

That is his great achievement. View the discussion thread. For more information, see the Hoover Press. About the Author. More from Policy Review More. Left 3.

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Auchinleck sucking dick

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Auchinleck sucking dick